How do I Choose the Best Pheromone Traps?

Angela Crout-Mitchell

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right pheromone traps for moths, including the quality of the synthetic pheromone used, the size of the traps, and ease of assembly. In most cases, these moth traps are designed to attract the most common kitchen moths, such as grain, flour, and Indian meal moths. Most home improvement experts and exterminators agree that the most beneficial location for the kitchen moth trap is in the pantry or food storage closet of the home. It is believed moths are most likely to gain access to the grains and flours stored in the kitchen pantries. By placing the traps near their food source, the pantry moth traps are more likely to attract the insects effectively.


When choosing pheromone traps, the quality of the synthetic pheromone substances is very important. As with many other creatures of the animal and insect world, moths are attracted to the scent of their own species' pheromones. In the natural world, insects secrete these hormones from specialized glands located in the abdominal region of the body. High quality traps are coated with an artificial version that may appeal to one or both genders of the moth species. Consumers will need to carefully review the information on the packaging to ensure the trap is appropriate for their moth infestation.

Consumers should read packages to make sure the trap they choose is appropriate for their moth infestation.
Consumers should read packages to make sure the trap they choose is appropriate for their moth infestation.

The size of the pheromone trap is important when selecting this type of insect control system. It is suggested to purchase and use as large a trap as possible in the pantry for the most effective coverage. Each type of trap is manufactured differently, and some traps have pheromone glue only on one side of the paper while others are coated on both sides for maximum effectiveness. Some kitchen pantries or closets are small, and homeowners may have difficulties with the moth paper traps sticking to their food items and other goods. In this situation, choosing the most appropriate size for the allotted space is recommended.

Convenient assembly is another vital factor to consider when choosing moth pheromone traps. These traps are available in many styles including two piece traps that only require the person to peel away the protective paper, add the pheromone mixture, and hang. Another popular version of the pheromone traps is the tent design traps. These traps are easy to assemble because the homeowner only needs to fold the enclosed board into the pre-designated tent shape, apply the pheromone mixture, and place the trap. Most home improvement stores offer a variety of these traps, and the staff is available to offer more information and help with the selection.

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