How do I Choose the Best Pharmacy Course?

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Choosing the best pharmacy course to take depends greatly on which pharmacological career field one wishes to enter into. There are pharmacists, pharmacologists, and pharmacy technicians. All of these professionals must work together to ensure that patients are getting the proper medications in the proper dosages.

To become a pharmacologist, one must learn the chemical composition of drugs and perform test studies to determine each drug’s effectiveness and safety. The pharmacy course taken by potential pharmacologists is often strenuous, much like that of a medical doctor. To choose the right course, one would start by researching local schools in the area or online, and speaking to a school administrator about the various qualifications needed and class schedules. Often a student will attend a four-year university followed by specialized pharmacology courses.

Another type of pharmacy course is that of the pharmacy technician. These are the people who help fill prescriptions for patients and who interact one-on-one with customers. Courses offered in this field can often be found at technical colleges and community colleges. There are also online courses in this field readily available. Choosing the right course requires knowing which school you can afford as well as discussing any financial aid options available at each institution. If flexibility is an issue, many of these schools offer evening and weekend classes.


In some cases, one can become a pharmacy technician without taking a pharmacy course, as skills can be learned on the job. That said, pharmacy technicians who have received some formal training often have higher starting salaries than those who have not.

To become a pharmacist, there are usually several pharmacy courses that need to be taken. Pharmacists are experts on prescription and over the counter medications, drug interactions, and side effects. To become this knowledgeable it is often required that potential students engage in a pharmacy course after attending a four year university. The right school for any particular student varies depending on location, flexibility, and academic achievement. It is best to visit any potential schools and discuss entrance requirements and any other concerns with an admissions officer.

In deciding upon the best pharmacy course, it is important to look into every possible school. Check out their records and accreditation. Speak with as many school officials and career counselors as possible in order to determine the right pharmacy course. It may also be possible to speak with former students, current professionals in the industry, and teachers to discover more information about the pharmacology field and various schools.


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