How Do I Choose the Best Petite Pajamas?

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You can choose the best petite pajamas by finding the petite or junior sections in stores, trying on regular sizes, and making informed decisions when purchasing online. Many stores have special sections for small people, so do not hesitant to ask a salesperson where these sections are. In addition, sometimes a brand sizes regular clothing on the petite side compared to other brands, so it is usually worth a try to look at the regular sizes. Lastly, there are several things a person can do to increase the odds of ordering the perfect petite pajamas when ordering online, like finding out his or her exact measurements.

Many stores have a petite or junior section where sizes run a little differently. If a store you are shopping in has such a section, head there first to determine how well the petite pajamas in those sections fit. Remember to check the tag to confirm that the pajamas are in fact sized petite. Sometimes people pick up a garment and then set it down in the wrong place.


If the store does not have a petite or junior section, do not hesitate to try on regular sizes. A lot of sizes differ drastically; for example, someone who normally wears a size 0 in one brand of clothing might wear a size 5 in another. Likewise, the length of the sleeves and pant legs may also differ. In short, while you require petite pajamas in one store, you might be a regular size in another.

When ordering petite pajamas online, know your measurements in order to make the most informed choice. You can measure yourself or get a local tailor to do it for you. Most Internet shops tell customers the length of pant legs and other valuable information. When you know your own measurements, you can quickly determine if those petite pajamas will fit. This is not a guarantee of the quality of the garment or the comfort of the fit, but it is a start.

Sometimes online shops allow customers to review the products they purchase and rate them on how well the fit was. If you frequently have trouble ordering the perfect petite pajamas online, look into buying from such a shop. In addition to making a more informed decision, you can alert other potential customers if the pajamas do not fit as well as they should. These reviews should also give more insight into the overall value of the product and how well they held up after a few washes.


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