How Do I Choose the Best Pet Deodorizer?

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To choose the best pet deodorizer, decide where you want to use the deodorizer, what type of product you want to use, and what kinds of ingredients you want it to have. Pet deodorizers can do everything from making your pet smell better to cleaning the air in your home. Thinking about where you want to use your deodorizer will help you narrow down the choices. There are also different forms of these products, so deciding whether you want to use a powder, a spray, or some other form will also help you pick one deodorizer. The ingredient in a pet deodorizer that actually eliminates the odor can vary greatly and also serve as a way to narrow down choices.

Pets create odors that can cause problems in your home, yard, or the air in general, and there are deodorizers on the market aimed at each one of these areas. Think about where your odor problem exists and look for a product that is designed to work in that area. For example, there are pet deodorizers for carpets, for wood and tile, for fabrics and furniture, and for the air. In addition, cat owners can get litter box deodorizers, and any pet with fur can typically wear a pet-friendly cologne or coat freshener.


The two most common forms of pet deodorizer are sprays and powders. Sprays are typically used for surfaces or on the pet itself, are generally easy to use, and don't make much mess. Many pet owners have found that powders are often more effective at tackling odors in carpets and on pets, but they do tend to make more of a mess, especially when trying to apply them to a moving animal. A third option, that only applies to air fresheners, is a stationary air purifier that constantly cleanses the air. Some of these are electric while others take a more natural approach and use ingredients such as bamboo and charcoal that trap and eliminate odors in the air.

Ingredients used to create a pet deodorizer can vary from man-made to all natural and earth-friendly. If a more natural approach is something you like in a product, there are some on the market to choose from. Another factor to consider when you are looking at ingredients is whether there are any additional benefits from the product. These might include aloe to moisturize your dog's skin or a stain remover to get spots out of your carpet as you deodorize. Think about how you will use your pet deodorizer and consider if any of these additions might make the product more useful to you.


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Yes Bamboo Charcoal is the best alternative to toxic sprays. It just absorbs all odors the natural way.

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