How do I Choose the Best Personal Pager?

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Choose the personal pager that has the greatest range, that is easy to operate and that offers multiple critical messaging options, such as vibrating, beeping or transmitting a numerical message. If you are hearing impaired, investigate deaf pager systems that will allow you to text message or engage in instant messaging, as well as receive TTY transmissions. Ultimately, choose a pager that has a good reception range, as well as a service provider that is known for effective message delivery. Not all critical messaging is alike, so be sure to diligently investigate multiple personal page service providers and device options, and inquire of other users about the quality of service each provides.

Before you begin your quest to find the best personal pager, stop and assess your own needs. Decide whether you need a personal beeper to alert a caretaker in the next room or whether you need a personal messaging system to communicate with someone a lot farther away. Also, think about whether you need your wireless personal pager to interact with other devices designed for mobile communications or whether it will merely be used for critical messaging with a centralized unit or operator. After you’ve considered all of your needs, keep a written list handy during your exploration so you can compare personal messaging features offered to the ones you actually need.


Scour the Internet, local electronic stores, and hospital supply chains to begin assessing your options. Even ask your doctor about recommendations for the best personal pager devices to fit your needs. Begin gathering a number of devices for comparison and carefully assess the features of each one.

When you find a few personal pager options that suit all or most of your needs, choose only the selections that are certified and regulated by your government’s national communication agency. For instance, in the United States, the Federal Communications Commission regulates all local and international communication, such as radio, television and mobile communications, including personal pager systems. Devices and systems that are approved by your government’s agency have been tested for safety and reliability, so you are far more likely to find a dependable personal pager if you select one that adheres to your government’s standards.

Lastly, investigate the customer satisfaction levels associated with your remaining personal pager choices. Do this by checking with consumer review websites and asking for feedback from other users you may know personally. Ultimately, select the wireless pager system with the highest consumer satisfaction, which offers you all of the features you need, is a government approved device and is affordable for your budget.


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