How Do I Choose the Best Perm for Wavy Hair?

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Choosing the best perm for wavy hair depends on what texture you'd like the perm to give your hair. For example, if you want your hair to look straight, choose a straightening perm. Conversely, if you want your hair to come out curly, you might choose a perm for wavy hair that will give you a spiral perm. Keep in mind, however, that a straightening perm does not require the use of permanent rods or curlers, but when using a hair perm to acquire volume, perm rods will need to be used.

Sometimes a perm for wavy hair can cause breakage and damage, so a spot test should be performed. To begin a spot test, the permanent solution should be applied to an inconspicuous region of the head. After following the product's directions, the perm solution should be applied and checked after the appropriate time has passed. If no damage or breakage has occurred, the product can be deemed as safe to use.

If your hair has been chemically treated from previous perms or through the coloring process, consider using a perm for wavy hair specifically formulated for chemically treated hair. These products are usually gentle and diminish the likelihood of additional damage.


The chemical composition of hair perms is typically the same regardless of type. Generally, after the procedure has been done, a conditioner is applied to the hair to restore moisture and discourage hair breakage. Typically, the conditioner comes in the same package as the permanent solution. When not found in the package, a suitable conditioner can be purchased at the drugstore.

Wavy hair usually responds well to perms and the process can even make hair styling easier and more manageable. A perm solution for wavy hair can be purchased at drugstores, grocery stores, or other retailers. In addition, a perm for wavy hair, or hair chemicals, such as hair dyes, can be purchased at beauty supply stores. In the past, a beauty operator's license was required to purchase hair dyes or perms, but recently those restrictions have eased, allowing the general public to buy salon-grade hair chemicals.


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