How Do I Choose the Best Pedicure Socks?

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There are many different kinds of pedicure socks on the market, which makes choosing the best pair largely a matter of taste and budget. Socks come in a wide array of colors and styles. Some are homemade, while others carry designer labels. Deciding which pedicure socks will be best for you requires knowing what you are looking for, then making smart comparisons.

In its most basic sense, a pedicure sock is simply a sock with no toes. It is used for warming feet without the risk of smudging fresh nail polish. A sock is different from a pedicure slipper in that it is meant to be worn within a shoe on the way home from the salon.

Most women wear flip-flops or other slip-on sandals home from professional pedicures in order to keep newly painted toes dry. This practice works best in warmer months; in the winter, bare feet can quickly grow cold and dirty, particularly if the walk home is long. Winter slush often counteracts the foot care received during the appointment. The pedicure sock is, for many, the perfect way to keep toes exposed without leaving the entire foot vulnerable.


A host of different companies and small businesses make pedicure socks specifically designed to protect feet post-pampering. Most are made of cotton, but some come in wool, cashmere, or fiber blends. While it is not usually possible to try socks on before purchasing them, you can usually touch them in the store. Running the material through your fingers will give you a good idea of how comfortable the socks will feel on your feet.

Style is also an important consideration. Some pedicure socks are short, like athletic socks, while others come up to the ankle or even the knee. Think about how much coverage and warmth you want and choose a sock length accordingly.

Depending on how far you intend to walk with your socks and how snug your shoes are, keeping the sock on might be a concern. A sock without toes may not stay put very easily once you start walking. Some pedicure sock manufacturers get around this by adding a big toe loop to the sock opening, while others create a dedicated opening for each toe, in the fashion of toe socks. Each of these features can be somewhat awkward at first. Think about how easily you want to get your socks on and off, as well as the overall look that you are going for, before deciding on one style over another.

A final consideration for most in the market for pedicure socks is budget. Pedicure socks are generally considered a luxury item, which means that while they are simple enough in form, they are often rather expensive. Much of the price depends on the brand and the materials used. A cashmere toeless sock, for instance, will cost far more to make than will a comparable cotton number. It is usually a good idea to shop around once you have a sense of what you want in order to find the socks that meet your needs within your price range.


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