How Do I Choose the Best Pearl Comb?

Sheri Cyprus

To choose the best pearl comb for you, think of the occasion on which you'll be wearing it. Pearl combs designed for a wedding are usually much too elaborate for daily wear, while a simple row of pearls on a hair comb can be ideal for a daytime wardrobe. Budget is another consideration to make, as faux pearls on plastic combs are typically quite inexpensive, while the genuine freshwater variety on a good quality metal comb is going to be more pricey. Consider the different style options available that include white and colored pearls as well as crystals, rhinestones or silver added to them.

Elaborate pearl combs with beads or pearls are ideal for a bride to wear.
Elaborate pearl combs with beads or pearls are ideal for a bride to wear.

A stunning rhinestone or crystal accented pearl comb can be ideal for a wedding or other special occasion. Investing in an eye-catching comb accented with freshwater pearls and sparkling stones can be great to save as a keepsake from a special event or to possibly wear again. Fancy pearl combs with sprays can have a real bridal look to them, while those with more clustered arrangements of pearls and other stones may be more suitable to wear to cocktail parties. If you are looking for a bridal spray type of comb, one with sterling silver "branches" attached to pearl "flower" shapes can be especially beautiful.

Another idea for a pearled bridal hair comb that is more budget-friendly is to look for a tasteful faux pearl design that features ribbon or silk roses rather than gemstones. It's important to seek out quality though and avoid a cheap look that may ruin the look of your gown. Another way to accent bridal or cocktail party hairstyles less expensively is to find an attractive, yet inexpensive pearl comb and buy several to use together for more impact.

There are also large shapes of pearl combs available, such as a star, starfish, crescent moon or flower. This type of pearl comb can really stand out in any type of hairstyle or hair color. If you find a shape you especially love, it may be a versatile addition to your wardrobe as it could be possible to wear it with both casual and dressy clothing. For example, a comb with a large pearl shape on it could be placed at the top of a braided ponytail for casual looks or on the side of a fancy updo for dressier occasions.

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