How Do I Choose the Best Paw Balm?

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Paw balm is a category of paw conditioning pet grooming products. It is used on the soft portion of pet feet that contact the ground — most often intended for use on animals such as dogs and cats. One of the main responsibilities of this product is treatment of paw irritation, so medical or pain relief components such as Vitamin E and aloe vera are important. Since the substance also should protect the paws, moisturizing, extra-durable, and pet-safe ingredients are of further importance. Online research can serve as a valuable source of information when comparing brands and prices.

Pain relief is an important aim of paw balm, so the best balm should have some medical properties. Certain ingredients may fight inflammation or have other soothing characteristics. These substances include aloe vera, vitamin E, and specific herbs like rosemary.

Many of the cracks and irritations that cause paw pain result from dryness. If this is the case, a paw balm with strong moisturizing ingredients is desirable. A substance called paw paw, for example, contains a mixture of nut oil and shea butter and is a strong moisturizer found in many paw balms. Any natural oils will likely provide similar effects.


Safety is another important consideration when choosing a proper paw balm, because animals often lick at unfamiliar substances on their bodies. As such, an effective paw balm should ideally not have any toxic properties. Paw balms with natural additives like olive oil or plant-based components may be the safest option. In general, balms that contain sulphates, chemicals, or similar artificial properties are less advisable from a safety perspective. Pets might be more apt to lick at a substance with a strong fragrance as well, so a neutral-smelling substance could be of further benefit.

Some forms of paw balm are marketed as shield balms. They are extra durable and act as a preventive measure against cracking or injury. If a pet owner has the pet outside in harsh hot or cold conditions, a durable balm that does not fade easily may effectively combat potential paw problems.

The pet owner will perhaps be applying the paw balm to an unwilling and unruly pet. If the pet is presenting problems, a balm packaged in an easy-to-use container is advisable. Such varieties often come in squeezable tubes. These tubes usually contain creams, ointments, or gels.

For bargains, the pet owner might conduct an online product comparison and review. Many sites offer consumer reviews and tips on various products, including pet balm. Specific pet retailer websites are a good place to peruse this information and compare prices.


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