How do I Choose the Best Parasite Diet?

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There are several parasite diet options that can be easily added to the diet to get rid of parasites and well as prevent infestations. Most medical and holistic doctors recommend eating a well balanced diet of lean proteins, though some suggest vegetarian diets, whole grains, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Some foods, such as refined sugar, should be avoided or consumed only rarely to ensure the body is inhospitable to most parasite species. Many medical professionals also advise specific types of cooking techniques that allow the whole foods to retain as much of their original nutrients as possible. A natural, healthy diet, along with regular exercise, is considered to be the most effective parasite program available.

A parasite diet often features meat cooked according to specific instructions. In an anti-parasite diet, lean meats such as chicken, pork, and some cuts of beef should be cooked thoroughly to avoid any potential contamination from uncooked meat. People who are concerned about or prone to parasite infestation should avoid eating red meat cooked either medium or rare. Fish and shellfish should also be completely cooked to avoid any possible parasite from entering the body. For the person who is already infected, choosing to eat meat and fish prepared in this manner helps create a less friendly environment for the parasites, and encourages the body to expel them naturally.


Another element of an effective parasite treatment diet is consuming whole grains, such as oats, bran, and barley. Many whole foods advocates also suggest adding some of the ancient grains to the person's diet, including kamet, quinoa, and whole wheat berries. These grains usually require a longer cooking time than rice and other common grains to be palatable. Kamet and quinoa can be prepared in about 45 minutes, and whole wheat berries are often cooked overnight in a slow cooker appliance. These foods are effective for eliminating parasites by ensuring the digestive system is in good health and able to flush toxins and other contaminants out of the body.

Like most other healthy diet, the parasite diet prominently features fresh vegetables and fruits. In particular, carrots, squash, and sweet potatoes are recommended for getting rid of parasites, as well as green, leafy vegetables. Fruits including papayas and pineapple are suggested as well. When possible, fruits and vegetables should be consumed raw to enhance their natural parasite fighting properties. With proper washing and preparation, these foods are ideal for naturally eliminating the parasitic threat.


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