How Do I Choose the Best Paramedic Jobs?

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Choosing the best paramedic jobs is an important decision in the life of an aspiring paramedic. It is also a very personal decision, which makes universal advice difficult to come by. Your best bet is to choose a job in a location that you enjoy that pays enough money for you to live a comfortable lifestyle. Other important aspects of your job may be the available benefits, opportunity for advancement, and work setting.

The work setting can refer to many different things from your coworkers to the office you may use to do paperwork, even including the ambulance you travel in to calls. Just like a living environment can contribute to your happiness at home, a work environment can be the difference between a happy and productive employee and a miserable, useless one. Take note of the different settings at potential paramedic jobs to gain some insight.

Available benefits and salary can sometimes be coupled together when weighing out the best paramedic jobs for you. Most people who get into this line of work are more concerned with helping others than making money, but this doesn't mean you don't have to pay the bills. Some hopeful paramedics are single; others have significant debt or family members to support. Make sure that the offered salary and range of benefits reflect your lifestyle needs.


The opportunity for advancement is one of the biggest aspects of any job, not just paramedic jobs. As a paramedic, there are only so many routes you can go. Some paramedics choose to get more education to perhaps gain the ability to practice medicine in some capacity. Others may want to further their educations to get into health care in a different capacity. Some paramedic jobs may offer financial support to employees hoping to go back to school — this can be very important if you are the ambitious type.

Other means for advancement can exist within a company and may not necessarily require more schooling. Some jobs, for example, may have managing paramedics or paramedics who have additional responsibilities. If you hope to one day do more than most paramedics in your field, make sure to choose a job that can give you the opportunity to do so.

Another great tip for finding the best paramedic jobs is to speak with those already working in the field or at a particular location. They may be able to give you some insight about what it is they like and dislike about their positions. This can help you factor out certain locations and narrow your list down to only very serious considerations.


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