How Do I Choose the Best Paraffin Wax Treatment?

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Paraffin wax treatments are a relaxing and effective way to heal and soothe dry, rough or cracked skin. They also are effective in soothing the painful symptoms associated with arthritis. The treatments available include traditional wax therapy to moisturize and open up the skin pores, aromatherapy paraffin wax treatment and lavender wax therapy. To choose the best paraffin wax treatment, simply decide which benefits you would like to receive. Paraffin wax treatment typically occurs in spas and beauty salons, but the establishments can differ in the types of therapy they provide, so it is best to call ahead and find out which treatments are offered before you go in for treatment.

The wax used in paraffin wax therapy contains paraffin oil and is, therefore, far softer than other wax products used in the health and beauty industry. Although paraffin wax therapy can be used on a number of different body parts, the most commonly treated areas are the hands and feet. These areas are the most susceptible to dryness and cracking because of their frequent exposure to the elements and their repeated use for daily tasks.


There are a number of options for paraffin wax treatment, each with specific benefits. These include therapeutic paraffin, liquid paraffin and aromatherapy paraffin. Traditional therapeutic paraffin is the best choice if you want to treat your aching joints, sore muscles or very dry skin. It begins in a solid state and is melted before the therapy begins.

Liquid paraffin is comprised of mineral oil and is very effective for hand and foot treatments when used in hand baths. It is able to get into all of the small crevices of the extremities to soften skin and heal rough cracks. Aromatherapy paraffin wax treatment uses essential oils to create a relaxing experience that also nourishes the skin. Oils such as tea tree, peach, orange and lavender are mixed with the paraffin to soothe the skin and release calming scents throughout the therapy.

A typical paraffin wax treatment involves dipping the selected body part into a warm wax bath one to five times to create a coating on the skin. The body part is then wrapped fairly tightly in plastic wrap or wax paper. The wrapping helps to keep as much heat in as possible to truly soften the skin underneath. Treatments usually last 20-30 minutes.

Regular treatments, particularly in the colder months, can help keep the skin soft and smooth. Paraffin wax treatment is also commonly used before manicures and pedicures to soften the skin and cuticles. Using a good moisturizer between treatments will help prolong the beneficial effects.


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