How do I Choose the Best Pantothenic Acid Powder?

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Choosing the best pantothenic acid powder has to do with your preferences for quantity, brand name, affordability and convenience. Pantothenic acid powder is made up of vitamin B5, which is responsible for the efficient metabolism of fats and breaking down sebum, or skin oil. Vitamin B5 helps stimulate the body's production of coenzyme-A, which is thought to be deficient in individuals who suffer from acne. Also known as pantothenate, pantothenic acid powder is one of three forms in which vitamin B5 is available. The powder can be purchased online or in most health and nutrition stores.

There are a few brands of pantothenic acid that are made by well-known companies and are available for purchase either at a retail location or online. Quite a few varieties feature unfamiliar brand names that might contribute to hesitation on the part of the buyer. Prices can fluctuate depending upon the potency and supply contained within each formula. Some websites offer free shipping of the product as well as consumer reviews regarding the online merchant and the specific brand of pantothenic acid powder. Reading other customers' reviews after you compare the products and their prices can help you choose the best pantothenic acid powder.


Some pantothenic acid powder options include additional built-in supplements such as zinc and calcium. The potency of the powder can also vary from brand to brand. There are quite a few varieties that are geared specifically toward the treatment of acne. Other pantothenic acid powder mixes are geared more toward meeting general nutrition needs.

The use of pantothenic acid for the treatment of acne has resulted in some controversy. Typically, high doses of the vitamin need to be taken on a routine basis in order to see any visible results. Repeated high doses of vitamin B5 have been linked to several side effects such as thinning hair and gastrointestinal problems.

Consumed in high doses, pantothenic acid powder mimics the prescription drug isotretinoin, which works by reducing the amount of oil produced by the skin. Pantothenic acid is considered to be an alternative nutritional method of treating acne, and its effectiveness can vary. The level of dosage that is needed to produce the desired results can also vary between individuals.

When an individual takes vitamin B5 in high doses, it can cause a deficiency in other B vitamins. The recommendation is to consume pantothenic acid within a B complex solution in order to avoid potential deficiencies. There are pure forms of pantothenic acid powder as well as B complex solutions. If you want to consume high amounts of B5, this factor might come into play when you are choosing a particular brand or formula.


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