How do I Choose the Best Ozone Generator Rental?

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When choosing the best ozone generator rental, there are many options. Ozone generators vary in size and efficiency. First, you need to decide how big the project is and how much you want to spend; then look for specific company benefits, like free delivery and money-back guarantees.

Ozone generators are measured in milligrams per hour, or mg/hr, one of the biggest factors in choosing which ozone generator rental is best for you. If you are just cleaning the air in a smaller room, 120 to 240 mg/hr is a good choice. If you want to remove some mold in the process, 400 to 800 mg/hr will be sufficient. For larger projects 2,000 to 6,000 mg/hr is recommended, as this will help kill mold and remove harsh odors.

Once you have decided what size ozone generator you need, start looking at specific company policies and perks. Many companies will give money-back guarantees. This is important because it shows that the company will stand by its product, which will give you confidence in using the rental.


Choosing the right ozone generator for the job is important. You always want to deal with a reputable company that will advise you about which product you need and how to use it, because too much ozone can be dangerous to your health. Ozone in small doses helps the air, but large amounts for big jobs are toxic and should be done without anyone in the room. A good ozone generator rental company should go over the basic safety precautions and show you how the generator should be used.

In most cases, ozone generators are used for a few days to a week; therefore, a technician can't be with the machine the whole time. That is why it is important for you to choose a company that will educate you and give a good analysis of the particular project. Many companies will have a 24-hour phone number to call with questions or concerns. You should also read all literature that comes with the generator.

You can find ozone generator rental companies on the Internet or in the telephone book. Be sure to check out the rental company's hours of operation so you don't waste a trip. Shop around for the best price and policy and, if possible, try to find a company near you.


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