How do I Choose the Best over-The-Counter Scar Treatment?

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If you want to choose the best over-the-counter scar treatment, you will most likely need to initially search for a treatment that is appropriate for the type of scarring you have. Some types of scar treatments work only on raised scars, while others work on depressed scars. Various types of treatments work on all types of scars. After you have determined that the type of scar treatment you are considering is appropriate for the scars you have, you should examine the ingredients. Some ingredients that may be effective for scar removal are cocoa butter, silicone, and vitamin E.

Cocoa butter is a popular ingredient in many products for scar removal because it is a moisturizer that is thought to be able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. Over-the-counter scar treatments containing cocoa butter might also be useful for stretch marks. Many scar treatments also contain vitamin E oil. Some plastic surgeons believe that vitamin E works to correct scars because it can help to increase the levels of collagen found in the skin. This collagen boost might be especially helpful for depressed scars, which often suffer from a lack of collagen.


Silicone is another ingredient you might want to look for when you search for a scar treatment. Treatments containing silicone are available in both ointment and sheet form. You may find that scar treatments containing silicone are slightly more expensive than other types of remedies, but many people claim silicone treatments are more effective. There are many plastic surgeons who recommend the use of silicone treatments for diminishing the appearance of scars. With consistent, daily use of silicone on your scars, you may begin to notice the scars fading over time.

There is no guarantee that any treatment will completely remove scarring. In many cases, people who suffer from all types of scars end up having to see plastic surgeons to drastically improve the appearance of their scars. Sometimes even the work of a plastic surgeon cannot completely eliminate any type of scarring, although they can usually greatly improve the appearance of scars. Even if the over-the-counter scar treatment you decide to purchase doesn't get rid of your scarring, you may find that it causes it to fade faster than it would if you didn't use the treatment. Over-the-counter treatments tend to work best on minor scarring, while major scarring often requires more advanced forms of treatment.


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Post 3

I don't think that there is one specific type of OTC scar treatment that's good. I think that any scar product with healing ingredients and moisturizers will work well.

The issue is that most people assume that when they use a scar treatment, the scar will go away overnight. That's never the case though. It takes time for scars to go away and the type of scar treatment used might not make much of a difference in this regard. It's important to use a scar treatment regularly as directed. Quitting too early or not applying the product frequently enough will prevent it from working.

I'm partial to scar treatment sheets, but the type of product is really a personal preference.

Post 2

@stoneMason-- I completely agree with you. Any product that says "scar treatment" on the label is fairly expensive. One of the most popular over-the-counter scar treatment creams just contains sunscreens as active ingredients. Sometimes I wonder what these "scar treatments" can do additionally, that a good old remedy like aloe vera gel or vitamin E oil can't do.

I have been using vitamin E oil for scars for years and it has always worked well. You can buy it in liquid form or you can make a hole in a vitamin E capsule and use the oil that way. And it costs much less than popular scar treatment products.

Post 1

There are some great, professional type scar treatments over-the-counter, but they are so expensive! I definitely want something that works, but I don't know if it's worth paying so much.

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