How do I Choose the Best over-The-Counter Scabies Treatment?

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Scabies is a type of contagious skin infection caused by a parasite known as Sarcoptes scabiei. Symptoms often include itching and the development of a rash. Over-the-counter scabies treatment options include the use of essential oils, creams, or ointments, as well as preventing the chances of re-infestation. Antihistamines may be taken to help reduce itching, as excessive scratching can worsen the symptoms and may lead to the development of a skin infection.

Sulfur creams are among the most popular over-the-counter scabies treatment options. These creams are available in different strengths, so they may be used by adults and children alike. Just before going to bed, the affected person should take a bath and then apply the sulfur cream to the entire body. This process should be repeated three nights in a row.

Permethrin cream may also be chosen as an OTC scabies treatment. This type of medication is too strong for children and should only be used by adults. This cream should be applied all over the body just after a shower. A second shower is needed eight to 10 hours later to wash off the medication.

Antihistamines can be very helpful over-the-counter scabies treatments. They often help relieve itching, as well as any rash that may occur. These medications can be found without a prescription at most any drug store or grocery store. There are both liquid and tablet forms of this medication available, so there is a formulation available for most all age groups. A doctor should be consulted before giving an antihistamine to a very young child.

Tea tree oil is thought to be a highly effective over-the-counter scabies treatment option. This oil helps heal damaged skin and may also relieve itching. This treatment method may help to kill the eggs as well as the scabies mites themselves. The affected person can add about 20 drops of tea tree oil to the bath water in order to relieve symptoms.

Preventing scabies from returning once the patient has been treated is very important. All clothing, towels, and bedding should be washed in hot water and dried on very high heat settings in order to disinfect the clothing items. The house should be kept clean and well ventilated. It is also important to avoid close contact with anyone who may be infected with scabies, and it is generally good advice to avoid sharing clothing or towels with others, especially if a scabies infection is suspected.

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Post 4

@bluedolphin: The problem is that scabies are indeed a pest, and therefore they need a pesticide. The problem with assuming that something natural is going to be safer is that it probably isn't, as it probably hasn't been tested to the same degree for safety, and unless it is a naturally occurring pesticide anyway, it won't actually do the job.

Just go with what the pharmacist recommended. It's safer and more effective because of its regulations and controls!

Post 3

@ankara-- I've heard that acne creams with benzoyl peroxide kill scabies. If you're not allergic neem oil and lavender oil are also good.

Post 2

@ankara-- Have you tried sulfur soap and cream? Or sodium borate (borax)?

These are scabies natural treatments that are effective. But you may have to use several different remedies together and be persistent about it.

When my son had scabies, I gave him a bath with borax every day. I also applied diluted tea tree oil on his rashes and washed his clothes and bed sheets in very hot water daily. It took close to a month for the the infection and scabies symptoms to completely disappear but at least it was done the natural way.

Post 1

I asked my pharmacist for an OTC scabies treatment and she showed me permethrin. I refuse to use it because I know that it's a pesticide that's originally used to kill pests on farms.

I need a safe, natural but effective treatment. I know about tea tree oil but unfortunately, I'm allergic to it. Any other suggestions?

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