How do I Choose the Best over-The-Counter Heartburn Treatment?

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The best over-the-counter heartburn treatment will quickly relieve heartburn symptoms, be priced within your budget, and treat your specific heartburn problem. You can choose from among liquid, capsule, and chewable tablet forms of OTC heartburn treatment options, as well as antacids, histamine 2 blockers, and proton pump inhibitors. The kind you choose will depend on how fast and strong you need your heartburn relief to be. OTC heartburn treatment options are available in both generic and brand name versions. Regardless of the types and brands you try, if you do not find relief with at least one over-the-counter heartburn medication, consult your doctor, as you could be experiencing an underlying medical problem.

There are three forms of over-the-counter heartburn remedies. These are liquid, capsule, and chewable tablet forms. The type you choose will likely depend on a mix of personal preference and the type or types available for your circumstances.

For example, the three main kinds of over-the-counter heartburn medications are antacids, histamine 2 blockers, and proton pump inhibitors. If you simply want a temporary, fast-acting way to relieve heartburn, you might choose an antacid that comes in liquid and chewable tablet forms. If you want a stronger, longer-lasting way of treating heartburn, you might choose a histamine 2 blocker in a capsule form.


Like many kinds of medications, generic heartburn treatment options can be as effective as their brand name counterparts. Typically, this is because generic medications include the same ingredients, dosage, and potential risks and side effects as the brand name versions. Also, generic medications are usually less expensive because the manufacturers of these medications do not have to consider the costs of developing and marketing the medicine. For these reasons, generic medications are popular with doctors and patients alike. Whether you end up choosing an OTC heartburn treatment or a prescription heartburn treatment, chances are a generic medication will be among your options.

If you can not find an over-the-counter heartburn medication that works for you, see your doctor. Your heartburn might require a prescription heartburn treatment. On the other hand, your heartburn might be a secondary condition or symptom of another primary condition. Examples of such primary conditions include peptic ulcers, hiatal hernias, and gastroparesis, which often occurs in people with diabetes. To prevent future episodes of heartburn and treat any underlying causes, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible.


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