How do I Choose the Best Oven Knobs?

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One of the simplest and most affordable ways to improve or update your oven’s appearance is to replace its knobs. To determine which oven knobs are best for you, first decide whether you want replacements of the same make as your existing knobs or prefer a new style. Should you want identical replacements, you should contact your oven’s manufacturer. If you would prefer a new type of knob, you should decide which style and size you will need and then consult home improvement and appliance stores as well as online retailers to find knobs that suit these requirements.

There are many potential reasons that you may wish to replace your oven knobs. In many homes, oven knobs are subject to frequent use. Over time, they can become caked with tough-to-remove grease, dirt, and food debris. In other cases, the decals on their faces which indicate oven and stovetop temperature can wear away, making it difficult to choose a heat setting. Alternatively, you may simply find that your oven’s look has become dated and wish to give it a quick face lift.


Whatever your reason for replacing your oven knobs, you should begin your project by deciding whether you want replacements identical to the existing knobs. If so, simply contact your oven’s manufacturer to order these replacements. You may choose to call, send an email, or visit its showroom. Provided your oven model is still in production, you should be able to purchase replacement knobs with ease. Even if your oven is no longer in production, the manufacturer may have spare replacement knobs in its warehouse.

If you would prefer a new type of oven knob, take some time to consider which style and size you will need. You may wish to give your oven a modern look by selecting stainless steel knobs, for instance. If eliminating cooking-related bacteria is a primary concern, on the other hand, you may prefer easy-to-clean plastic knobs.

You should also determine what size oven knobs you will need. Universal oven knobs are designed to fit most models, and can eliminate guesswork from the knob selection process. If you have a specialty oven, such as those designed for industrial use, however, universal knobs may not fit.

Once you have established your style preferences and size needs, you can begin your search for new oven knobs. Try consulting home improvement and appliance stores and browsing the websites of online home improvement retailers. With a bit of searching, you should be able to find new oven knobs which meet all of your requirements.


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