How do I Choose the Best Outdoor Shed?

Keith Koons

There are several important factors to consider when purchasing an outdoor shed. The overall size of the structure and the methods of accessibility are critical decisions since they affect the overall storage capacity. Consumers should also pay close attention to the various materials offered on an outdoor shed because each of them has distinct strengths and weaknesses. Determining the foundation type is also a large part of an outdoor shed purchase, and in some cases, it can make a major difference in the overall cost of the project. Other factors to consider are delivery options, the available electrical outlets, and various space-saving designs when it comes to shelves and overall square footage.

Some sheds feature a concrete foundation.
Some sheds feature a concrete foundation.

An outdoor shed is a single story structure built behind a garden, beside a house, or anywhere additional storage is necessary. These types of buildings are normally used for a variety of different reasons, ranging from storing tools to serving as a hobby workshop. They also come in a variety of different sizes, so the overall square footage of an outdoor shed should be completely based on personal need. It is also important to consult the local planning office to determine whether or not a permit is needed for the outdoor shed's construction.

Wooden sheds are a popular choice due to their aesthetic appeal.
Wooden sheds are a popular choice due to their aesthetic appeal.

When buying an outdoor shed, a homeowner should also consider the choice of materials as well. Outdoor sheds are available in wood, metal, plastic, asbestos and vinyl, and the prices fluctuate greatly between the various materials. Each outdoor shed will also have its own look, required maintenance and lifespan depending on the materials chosen; the synthetic materials tend to last much longer but are also more susceptible to damage. Metallic sheds normally give superior protection from the outdoor elements but are also prone to rust, while wooden sheds often have the highest visual appeal but also require the most maintenance.

Another factor in choosing an outdoor shed is the type of foundation available. There are three types of outdoor shed flooring that are considered reliable: nailed floor joints, concrete pads, and prefabricated flooring. Each type of foundation serves the necessary purpose, but the installation times vary greatly, so it is important to research these techniques beforehand to avoid any unforeseen expenses. Concrete is easily the most permanent type of flooring, but it is also the most expensive, which is why many consumers opt for creating the sub-floor from wood. Some outdoor sheds also have a pre-built floor included, which saves both time and money, even though it is often not a long-term solution.

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