How Do I Choose the Best Outcall Massage?

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In an outcall massage, the massage therapist goes to meet with the client instead of the client coming to the massage therapist. Places where an outcall massage service may be used include resorts, private homes, hotels, and business offices. Terminally ill and disabled clients also use outcall massage services. Choosing the best outcall massage depends on your individual needs.

Determine what massage style you are interested in receiving. Many styles are available, including deep-tissue, acupressure, hilot, and Balinese. Each style targets a different goal. For example, the Balinese style helps you relax. A deep-tissue massage relieves deep-rooted tension.

To maximize your outcall massage experience, seek a masseuse who can deliver several massage types. Your massage needs will change, depending on your stress levels or health concerns each time you call. Finding a professional with a wide range of styles available allows you to stay with one person and build a relationship.

Read online profiles of massage professionals who offer the style of massage you desire. Take note of the number of years they have been in business. Check for testimonials from previous clients and look for reviews of the business online. Be sure the pricing structure fits your budget.


Choose two or three based on style, reviews, and price. Call each service and discuss your massage needs. Find out if there are travel charges for a masseuse that must come from farther away. Ask if the masseuse is willing to come to your location, whether your home, hotel, or business. Using all the information gained in the interviews, choose one to try.

Book the outcall massage for a day that you will not be hurried. On the appointment date, relax and enjoy the massage. Evaluate the service after the masseuse leaves.

Take note whether the masseuse was friendly, professional, on time, and competent. If so, you have found the best outcall massage source for your needs. If you run into issues that you feel cannot be resolved, however, move on to the next of the three on your list.


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Post 3

My friend and I never pay full price for massages. We are always finding coupons from the local massage school. Usually we can get two massages for the price of one. The therapists don't come to your house, but most of the students are very good at what they do and they are so excited about starting their new careers. It's refreshing, and cheap.

Post 2

I could have used this article a couple years ago when I was looking for a massage therapist. I was working out of town and staying in a hotel. I was working all day and then going back to the hotel at night, so I could sleep and get ready for the next day's work.

After a couple weeks, the routine started to catch up with me and I began having nagging aches throughout my body. I talked with my wife over the phone and she suggested I get a massage. I told her I didn't feel like leaving the hotel to go to a therapist. That's when she told me I could find an outcall massage therapist online

or in the phone book who would come to the hotel.

I found one under the heading massage therapists in the local phone book, and the price was reasonable and she was near the hotel. When she arrived I knew immediately that I had called the wrong person. She didn't have a massage table and she was dressed like she was headed to a night club.

If you ask for an outcall massage therapist make sure you explain what you are looking for upfront. There are different types of massage therapy. Massage therapist is often another way of saying a call girl or prostitute.

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