How do I Choose the Best Organic Spirulina Powder?

Sara Schmidt
Sara Schmidt

To select the best organic spirulina powder, one should make sure that the product is labeled with its scientific name, Arthrospira platensis. The blue green algae should be labeled as certified organic. Labels for the best spirulina powder should also describe the protein supplement as being completely pure, as well as non-genetically engineered, or "non-GMO."

Organic spirulina is more costly than the non-organic variety.
Organic spirulina is more costly than the non-organic variety.

The best organic spirulina powder will typically cost more than non-organic varieties of the superfood. The powder should be easily dissolved when mixed. It should also be able to readily mix with various types of beverages, including water, vegetable or fruit juice, or other healthful liquids. Though the color of blue green algae can naturally vary, a fresh product should be a rich shade of blue-green to green.

Spirulina powder may be used as a supplement to animal feeds for aquariums.
Spirulina powder may be used as a supplement to animal feeds for aquariums.

A freshness packet can typically be found in a spirulina powder container. This packet should not be consumed. Its presence in the container, however, will increase the product's longevity. Freshness should also be maintained by a properly sealed container. If a container has a broken seal, it should be reported and not purchased.

Containers of organic spirulina powder vary, and should be purchased according to personal preference. Many claim that sealed aluminum or poly bags yield the freshest powder. Plastic canisters, cartons, and cardboard containers may also contain a fine product. As spirulina is typically not a regulated product, any claim made on a label by a supposed government entity should be assessed with skepticism.

Some users of spirulina powder put their trust in certain brand names they have come to know from past purchases of other health supplements. This can be a good way of discerning the best product. Asking friends and family who use the product can also be helpful for people who wish to find both the best spirulina powder as well as where to purchase it.

Users of the powder may wish to test out different brands before settling on a preferred algae. One may try out a product to see if its purported benefits, such as increased energy and reduced allergies, occur after use. By the same method, one can also note if a particular brand has any undesired effects as well.

Organic spirulina powder is considered safe for most people in small amounts. Taking the recommended dosage of the product is the safest way to incorporate spirulina into the diet. Some people, such as those with metabolic disorders, should avoid the health supplement. Consulting with a physician, however, is advisable when trying any new herbal remedy.

As spirulina is typically not a regulated product, any claim made on a label should be assessed with skepticism.
As spirulina is typically not a regulated product, any claim made on a label should be assessed with skepticism.
Sara Schmidt
Sara Schmidt

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Make sure you don't buy it from China/Japan. Spirulina absorbs heavy metals and radiation.


Nice instructions that should be followed by anyone before choosing organic spirulina powder. I'll also keep them in mind.


I have some organic spriulina powder that I bought, but it just sits on the shelf in my cupboard.

The first time I tried this I mixed it in with water, and I couldn't get it down. If you are just starting to use this powder, I would recommend you mix it in with a smoothie or some kind of juice.

I also had a hard time getting past the dark green color no matter what I mixed it with. I bought the spirulina to also help with energy and with digestion.

I may have seen more results if I had been more consistent and stuck with it longer. I didn't notice a difference and since I had such a hard time taking it, I stopped. If I were going to take spirulina on a regular basis, it would have to be in the form of a tablet instead of the powder.


@julies-- The main benefit I have noticed with taking spirulina is more energy. I don't get as tired during the day as I used to. I like to add some spirulina powder to some juice at lunch time.

When I do this, I don't feel like I need a nap after I eat lunch like I used to. If I didn't notice any difference I probably wouldn't continue to take it.


@julies-- With so many different nutrition companies out there, it can be difficult to know which ones to trust. Many of them make the same claims, but do all of them have a superior product?

I ordered some organic spirulina through a food co-op I am a member of. I have ordered several other supplements through this company and have been pleased with them.

If any product is certified as organic, they have to meet certain requirements that are pretty stringent. I also look at the history of the company and see if they have any scientific studies or research on their products.


I have seen recommendations for taking this herbal supplement, but have wondered what some of the spirulina benefits are?

Since this industry isn't regulated, how would someone know the organic product they purchased met appropriate standards?

I take several nutritional supplements on a regular basis, and have been trying to focus on buying products that I know are safe and reliable.

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