How Do I Choose the Best Orchid Vase?

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Properly showcasing cut orchids or a potted orchid takes a special container. There are many types of vases available for use with cut orchids, including glass — both clear and colored — bamboo and ceramic vases in assorted heights and widths. For potted orchids, the American Orchid Society (AOS) recommends an Asian container that is deep and narrow for the best blooms. Finding a vase with a weighted bottom — or one that can have weight added — is important for tall and thin but often heavy cut orchids.

For cut orchids, the vase can be short and round, of medium height and tapered, or tall and skinny. The biggest factor to consider when choosing the best orchid vase is the flower’s top-heavy nature. No matter what type of vase you prefer, the best orchid vase will need to be weighted on the bottom. Some orchid vases feature a weighted bottom, but decorative pebbles, rocks or bark also are common items used in the bottom of an orchid vase to stabilize the container.

Glass orchid vases come in all shapes and sizes. Vintage glass vases have a special charm that complements the modern appeal of an orchid. You can look in antique shops for Old World glassware, bud vases and candle holders that make creative vessels. If you’re looking for a centerpiece orchid vase, the vintage glass vase can showcase the delicate flowers and spark a conversation with dinner guests.


Colored glass vases can add an extra layer of drama to an orchid arrangement. A romantic and modern style can be reflected with a red, textured glass vase containing a few white orchids. For a soft and cool mood, go with a recycled glass vase and blue or purple orchids.

Other types of decorative vases perfect for cut orchids can be found just about anywhere vases are sold. A traditional glazed clay pot can be a fitting orchid vase for a casual or rustic decor. For an exceptional orchid vase, check with local artists and online flower shops that work with orchids. You may find a custom piece of artwork just perfect for your home or office.

For rooted orchids, the AOS has documented some specific reasons why an Asian orchid vase should be used, especially for miniature cymbidiums. The reasons are based on years of experience cultivating strong and healthy orchid plants. The deep-growing roots of cymbidiums are long, strong and best suited for an equally deep pot. Orchids will grow according to the container in which they are planted, so a wide container will encourage lateral growth and a narrow container will promote vertical growth. The latter is recommended for optimal blooms.


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I have a Phalaenopsis orchid and on videos have seen glazed pots with numerous holes in them to provide constant air for the roots. They come with a built on saucer for easy draining the plant. I cannot find such pots here in the Nashville, TN area. Where can I find such pots or do I need to actually have some made for me.

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