How do I Choose the Best Orange Degreaser?

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One of the things to consider when choosing an orange degreaser is the type of cleaning you might like to do. You should also read the label to see if there are any harmful chemicals added to this product. Try to determine the best way to use this solution, so you can know whether or not you need to use protective equipment while performing maintenance.

There are many different types of orange degreaser, and each is designed for different cleaning purposes. For example, some types are well-suited for automotive maintenance, while others might be ideal for removing scuff marks or cleaning concrete. If you know what items you might want to use this product on, it could help you narrow down your decision.

Look at the product's label carefully to determine if a particular brand has harsh chemicals in it. Just because an orange degreaser might be derived from citrus fruit does not mean there are not other additives in the solution that are dangerous. Chlorine is one ingredient that is often included in many grease removers that can be harmful.

Try to determine the amount of citrus used to make this product. This information is often found on its label. Generally speaking, the higher the percentage of orange peel used in making a particular brand, the stronger the citrus aroma of the cleaner might be when it is being used.


Just as all products are not manufactured in the same manner, they should also not all used the same way. Some varieties may need to be diluted in a bucket of water before being used. Others are best-suited for use in a power washer. Still other kinds might require mixing with kerosene before you clean with them.

Some types of orange degreaser may require you to take precautions when using them. For instance, certain kinds may require you to wear rubber gloves when scrubbing a surface with it. Those that have foul odors could be restricted to outdoor use only, or you may need to wear a mask while cleaning.

An orange degreaser is usually an economical cleaning solution for a number of different items around the home or garage. This can make it an important and versatile household item to keep on hand. It is normally easy to find a type that can fit your individual cleaning needs, so you can be prepared for any cleaning job, whether big or small.


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