How Do I Choose the Best Open Source Web Calendar?

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An open source web calendar can help both companies and individuals keep track of their schedule using a tool that is frequently being improved. Not all open source applications are quality, though, so you should consider a few details when choosing one. The open source web calendar that you select should have good support, in case you experience difficulty when updating it. You also should browse calendars that let you limit access so only selected users can update the events. Additionally, you may want to look for extra features, such as different formats and customized designs.

One of the most important features of an open source web calendar is that many people can add to it or improve it over time. User-friendly calendars, therefore, are often ideal because they encourage people to use them regularly to keep track of events. One of the main ways to keep open source software user-friendly is to ensure the type you choose has good support. This will allow users to clear up problems quickly, either over the phone or through email. Some open source tools also have online forums devoted to technical support, allowing you to get help from other users when necessary.


While you likely want an open source web calendar that invites people to use and improve on it, it is not usually a good idea to allow just anyone to update it. Thus, you should look for calendars that allow you to set a log-in requirement for people wishing to add events. For example, if you plan to use this tool for your company, you may want to allow only management to update the calendar. If you decide to leave it open for others to update, you may be able to require that people at least state their name so no one can add events anonymously. This may help prevent misuse of the calendar.

You also may want to look for extra features aside from just a basic calendar. For example, some of the most popular open source web calendars have several views, so you can see the display in weekly and daily formats rather than just yearly or monthly. It also is often convenient to be able to mark some events as recurring so you do not have to add them repeatedly. In addition, you are encouraged to choose an open source web calendar that allows you to add your own logo or design for a customized feel.


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