How Do I Choose the Best Open Source FTP Server?

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File transfer protocol (FTP) servers are responsible for enabling administrators to quickly upload a large number of files to a website without having to upload each file one at a time. An open source FTP server is a free solution that allows administrators to change the source code and functionality, though the source code usually will not be altered. Choosing the right open source FTP server can mean the difference between a smooth website and one with choppy uploads and severe timeouts. The FTP server must be able to schedule uploads and both pause and resume uploads and downloads. Several people usually work on a website at once, so a feature that reports what each user is doing will help administrators ensure there is no misuse of the website’s files.

Many websites, especially business websites, will have to perform routine uploads and downloads of certain files. The scheduling of this task will ensure that important file transfers always take place, because the computer will not forget to do a scheduled task. By doing this, administrators can save their mental energy for other tasks that are not routine to the website.


Open source FTP server programs can upload files with great speed and will be able to finish most upload jobs within a few minutes. There are instances when something will happen to the program, such as accidentally being shut off, that can interrupt the uploading. If the server includes a pause-and-resume feature, this will not be a problem, because administrators can just set the job to resume; if not, then administrators will have to perform the upload again from the start. Pause-and-resume also allows administrators to stop one upload job so another, more important, upload can commence.

Most websites that need an open source FTP server will have several users or workers on the website at once, consistently downloading and uploading files. These uploads and downloads are generally harmless and are part of a website’s daily life. At the same time, a user may try to upload a virus or download a sensitive file. Good FTP servers will be able to log user activity, so administrators know what is happening with the website’s files at all times.

One difficulty for administrators is uploading large files, such as files that are several gigabytes (GB) in size. Even many open source FTP server programs have a limit on how large a file can be. This forces administrators to split up the file, which can cause complications. If the FTP server is able to upload a large file, this will better ensure the complications do not occur.


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