How do I Choose the Best Oil of Oregano Capsules?

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Choose the most potent brand of oil of oregano capsules as well as the brand with the best reputation for quality and purity. Ask others which brands they prefer and why, and do your own research into the brands suggested to you. These capsules are sold by many manufacturers, including grocery or generic brands. Compare all of these and ultimately select the capsules that meet your needs, have a quality reputation and that are affordable for your budget.

Many people rely on oil of oregano for such things as cold and flu treatment, Candida treatment, and to help ease the symptoms of acne and herpes. While oregano oil also comes in liquid form, capsules are convenient for traveling or for making sure that properly measured dosages are taken when using them for things like herpes or acne treatment. When seeking to find the best capsule brand, consider what you will be using oregano oil for and target a brand that has a good reputation for results.

Not all oil of oregano capsules are equal. With this in mind, compare brands and narrow your selections down to the ones that are pure oregano oil. This is important, as some brands mix this ingredient with other oils or include other additives. For the best results, only consider brands that are pure oregano oil.


If this is your first time buying oil of oregano capsules, ask others for referrals about specific brands. If you don’t personally known anyone who has used oregano oil, visit a few health food stores and speak to clerks to find out which ones are the best-selling brands. A best-selling product is not always a clear indication of quality, but it may help you in learning about different manufacturers. It’s also a good idea to visit a few natural health forums online and get a feel for what others have to say about specific brands and why.

When investigating these products, also investigate a few different store brands that may have the same potency as capsules made by major manufacturers, but are likely to be more affordable. Keep in mind that you want to buy the purest product possible and consider how many capsules you will need for an average month. Ultimately, purchase the capsules that are the most affordable and offer the best quality overall.


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Post 2

I have a friend who uses oregano oil all the time for arthritis and rheumatism symptoms in her hands. This oil is mixed in a cream that she applies to her hands every night and morning, with oregano oil being one of the main ingredients.

She says that if she goes a few days without applying this cream, her hands get very stiff and she can really tell a difference.

I have read that oregano oil is very strong and used for many different conditions. I figure if you have those kind of results from using something natural, then you have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

Post 1

Doing your research to purchase the best oregano oil and any essential oil that you are going to use for medicinal purposes is very important. I use many different essential oils with good results for minor conditions.

Many of the herbs like oregano, thyme and clove are powerful and can work similar to antibiotics in your body without building up the resistance. I make my own oregano oil capsules and will add other oils such as thyme and eucalyptus for a sore throat and stuffy nose.

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