How Do I Choose the Best Oil-Free Shampoo?

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Nobody wants oily or greasy hair. Finding a great oil-free shampoo that will also prevent your hair from becoming dry or frizzy is the best of both worlds. Select from the many oil-free beauty product lines available to find a great fit for you. Compare brands, formulas, ingredients, prices, and always make sure the product has a fragrance that you find suitable.

One of the best ways to compare types and brands of oil-free shampoo, or any other beauty product for that matter, is to seek coupons, trial size packages, or free samples of the item. Travel sizes are another good option. Many stores offer travel size versions. Instead of purchasing full size and often expensive bottles of products you may never use, opt for the smaller size until you find one that you like.

You don’t have to waste a lot of time making comparisons. You might just try one new oil-free shampoo each day, or every other day, to see how well it works. If you don’t have anything planned for the day, try using a different shampoo on each side of your head to get a real-time comparison. It is best to do the latter when you plan to stay at home, since one product may not be as effective as the other. You wouldn’t want to walk around with only half of your head looking great.


Look for an oil-free shampoo that does not contain alcohol or sulfates as these agents can dry out your hair, especially with frequent use. As far as other ingredients go, you may wish to opt for all natural or organic ingredients in your shampoo. There are many options from which to choose, and several offer mild formulas that may be helpful if you also have other hair concerns, such as dandruff or sensitive scalp. Many also state that they do not engage in animal testing, which may be a factor in your decision.

Be sure to select the most appropriate oil-free shampoo for your hair type. Many people have combination hair. This generally means that the scalp and the hair near the scalp may be oily while at the same time the tips may be dry. A gentle oil-free shampoo will be beneficial to minimize the oil without further damaging the dry areas.

You may wish to avoid two-in-one shampoos. If you think you would like a shampoo and conditioner combination, be sure to test it on your hair first. Many products that contain conditioner or moisturizers can leave oily hair feeling greasy. Be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly, and make sure it still appears oil-free after several hours.


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@heavanet- Several brands that make natural, organic, or vegan shampoos make milk and honey formulas. Since these are the two main ingredients that are meant for moisturizing hair and soothing the scalp, they typically do not contain added oils.

Post 2

@heavanet- Some natural shampoos that are formulated for children and babies contain minimal ingredients, and most do not contain oils that can irritate delicate skin. This is the type of shampoo you should look for if you want to avoid oils

Post 1

I like to use natural and organic shampoos, but it's hard to find one that doesn't contain one or more types of fruit or nut oils. What should I look for in a natural shampoo when looking for one that doesn't contain these oils?

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