How Do I Choose the Best Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover?

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When choosing an oil-free eye makeup remover, your top priority should be ensuring that the product does not irritate your eyes. Your second consideration should be whether the makeup remover adequately removes all of your eye makeup. Other things to think about when choosing an oil-free eye makeup remover include product pricing and whether you like the way your eyes feel after using the product. If you switch makeup types frequently, you may need to purchase more than one eye makeup remover, as not all brands may be good at removing each type of eye makeup that you wear.

Many people prefer to use oil-free eye makeup remover because oil-based formulas and cleansers can be difficult to remove from the delicate skin around the eyes. If you apply eye makeup soon after using an oil-based formula, you may find that your new makeup smears and wears off quickly because of the remaining oily residue. In most cases, a well-formulated oil-free eye makeup remover can remove all traces of eye makeup, even waterproof varieties, without leaving behind residue that can compromise a new makeup application.


Your eyes are very sensitive, as is the skin around them. If you use a product that irritates your eyes, you will not only experience discomfort, but the irritation can cause your eyes to become red, tear, and you may find yourself unconsciously rubbing your eyes to relieve the symptoms. All of these things will ruin the effect of any eye makeup that you put on. Ideally, you want to use an oil-free eye makeup remover that is color-free, fragrance-free, and does not contain any potential irritants such as herbal ingredients. Affordability may also be a consideration, so you want to look for a makeup remover that is sold at a reasonable price.

Once you find an eye makeup remover that does not irritate your eyes and skin, you should check to see how well it works at removing your eye makeup. Not removing eye makeup completely before going to bed can result in significant eye irritation. If you find that an oil-free eye makeup remover does not adequately remove your eye makeup, try another brand. Some waterproof eye makeup can be difficult to remove, so you may have to try several different brands before you find one that works effectively to remove all of your makeup. Finally, check how your eyes feel after using the makeup remover and choose a brand that leaves the area around your eyes feeling clean and refreshed.


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