How Do I Choose the Best Oil for Hair Clippers?

Solomon Branch

Hair clippers are essentially two blades rubbing against each other to produce a cutting motion. You need to oil the blades of the clippers to keep them from rusting, and keep them operating smoothly. The best oil for hair clippers will not be too viscous, or thick, and will be made for use specifically with hair clippers. Thicker oils, such as vegetable oils, may lubricate the clipper blades, but can get sticky over time, causing the blades to malfunction or not operate particularly well.

Most of the oil for hair clippers is made of a specially formulated mineral oil.
Most of the oil for hair clippers is made of a specially formulated mineral oil.

Most of the oil for hair clippers is made of a specially formulated mineral oil. The coat the oil creates is much thinner than it would be if you used other types of oil, such as cooking oil. Most hair clippers come with at least a small amount of this specialized type of oil, although not all of them do. If you run out of the oil, contacting the manufacturers of the clippers is one easy way to ensure you get the best oil for your particular brand. One possible drawback of buying it directly from the manufacturer is it might be relatively expensive.

Many stores that specialize in hair care products and supplies also sell oil for use in hair clippers. A specialty store might offer oil that is made by the manufacturer of your clippers or that is compatible with them. To choose the best oil, check reviews in online review sites or magazines to determine which works most effectively. Be wary, however, of sites that recommend a single product or appear to be pushing a certain brand, as the reviews may be biased.

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Another way to choose the best oil for hair clippers is to talk with professionals in the business, such as barbers or cosmetologists. If you have a friend that cuts hair for a living, he or she can also be a valuable resource. In addition to recommending the best type of oil, a professional can often recommend where to go to purchase the oil at the best price.

In some cases, a person knowledgeable about oils might be able to recommend a way to make effective homemade oil for hair clippers. This can save you money while possibly allowing you to customize the oil by adding fragrances. If you choose this route, ensure the oil suits your clippers and using it won’t void any warranty that came with your clippers.

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