How Do I Choose the Best Oil for Frizzy Hair?

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Choose oil for frizzy hair depending on whether you require a deep conditioning treatment or oil for styling. Whether you choose natural oils like olive oil, or a product from the beauty store, the best oil for frizzy hair tames frizz without making hair greasy or limp. Oil for frizzy hair should smooth down hair cuticles, resulting in shinier and smoother strands of hair.

The best oil for frizzy hair replenishes lost moisture without making hair greasy or weighing it down. Choose oil for frizzy hair depending on whether you want a deep conditioning treatment or to tame frizz while styling. For a deep conditioning treatment, try natural oils such as olive oil. It contains omega-3 fatty acids, believed to improve the condition of hair, reducing frizz. Other popular natural oils for frizzy hair are jojoba oil, coconut oil and Moroccan oil.

Jojoba oil is relatively similar to the natural oil secreted by the scalp. This oil is valuable as a deep conditioning treatment before washing, and works well when styling. Coconut oil is thinner in consistency and may be best if your hair is not excessively frizzy. It is believed to preserve the proteins found in hair, keeping it healthy. Coconut oil works best as a deep conditioning treatment and should be left to soak into your hair for an hour before washing.

Moroccan oil is popular for use on frizzy hair because it protects from heat styling and the environment. It adds shine while smoothing down the hair cuticles, reducing frizz. For a boost of vitamin E, use an avocado oil mask on your hair before washing — its deep conditioning action can also help to tame fizzy hair.

Ask for recommendations at your local beauty store. Use natural products for styling, as these are developed to produce professional looking results. Oil for frizzy hair should dispense easily from the container and be of a consistency that rubs easily onto your hands before applying it to your hair. It should spread evenly throughout your hair, without being sticky or greasy.

Oil for frizzy hair must coat each strand to smooth hair cuticles down and reduce frizz. A minimal amount of oil is required during styling; if you need to use an excessive amount, then the oil consistency may be too thin. Your natural hair color should not be affected, for example; blonde hair should not be darkened.

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