How do I Choose the Best Oak Desk Chair?

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Purchasing the best oak desk chair generally requires finding one for an affordable price, ensuring that it fits under your desk, and assessing its sturdiness. It might also be important to determine whether it is easy to assemble and transport home. First, decide on a budget before browsing shops for that perfect chair and measure your desk to determine the maximum height and width the oak chair must be to easily slide under it. When shopping, look at labels to find out if the chair is pure oak rather than a mixture of cheaper or compressed woods. Lastly, if it must be assembled, decide if the assembly is easy enough to do by yourself and then use a measuring tape to see if the box or chair will fit into your vehicle.

Many people end up spending more than they originally planned. This can be avoided by setting a budget and sticking to it. It is harder to stick to a budget if you routinely look at and test oak desk chairs that are over your budget, however.


One important aspect of picking out a desk chair is often forgotten in the midst of testing the comfort and evaluating the aesthetics. This aspect is the size of the chair and whether it will slide under the desk it will be used for. With a measuring tape, determine the maximum width and height allowable for the chair to easily slide under it. Write these numbers down and keep them nearby to compare with oak desk chairs that you are considering purchasing.

When looking to purchase any kind of solid wood furniture, never assume it is solid wood just because it appears to be. Some hidden areas might be constructed of cheaper materials to lower the manufacturing costs while still producing an item that looks high end. Ask a sales associate if the item is pure oak or look for tags that might reveal otherwise. Be suspicious if the item seems too light for its size.

A new oak desk chair might require assembly that includes putting the seat, legs, and wheels on. Sometimes this process is time consuming and requires more than one person. If you have limited time and help, you may want to look for an oak desk chair that does not require assembly or purchase one in a store that assembles it for you.

Getting heavy boxes or a bulky oak desk chair home can be complicated. If you do not have a large enough vehicle, inquire about the store’s policy of shipping it to you. Many furniture stores advertise that they ship furniture for free, but the costs of this are actually made up for in their furniture prices. If the store charges for shipping, the price of the furniture is likely truer to its worth.


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