How do I Choose the Best Numeric Pager?

N. Madison

Choosing the best numeric pager usually means considering a range of factors before making a decision. For example, you may consider the costs not only of the pager but also of the service you will need for it. You may also shop for a pager that features solid construction and an easy-to-read display. Additionally, you may ensure that you will never have to wonder whether or not your pager still has battery power left by selecting one with a low-battery indicator.

Medical centers often page staff using numeric codes.
Medical centers often page staff using numeric codes.

While you may see a range of standard pagers when you are shopping for the best model, it is usually best to examine a pager carefully before you choose it. You will likely want to make sure the display for the numerical messages you will receive will be big enough and clear enough to easily read at a glance. You may also check to make sure the display will be easy to read in any quality of light. Since you may receive pages while you are indoors in bright artificial light or outside in the sunlight, you will likely want a numeric pager that is resistant to glare and offers high message contrast. For nighttime or use in dimly lit environments, however, you will likely need a numeric pager that has a back-lit display that effectively illuminates the screen.

Technological advances made it possible for individuals to respond to pages with short messages.
Technological advances made it possible for individuals to respond to pages with short messages.

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The numeric pager you choose will likely run on disposable battery power. If the batteries run out, you will not be able to receive messages through your pager until you replace them. To avoid spending time without your pager, you may do well to choose a model that has a low-battery indicator. This way, you will know in advance when you need to change the batteries. In addition, you may consider purchasing rechargeable batteries for your numeric pager, as they may prove less costly over time than regular disposable batteries.

The cost of the pager you want to purchase may prove to be an important consideration as well. You may prefer to save money by choosing a numeric pager that is low in price. It is important, however, not to sacrifice quality construction for the sake of spending less. Instead, you may get the best pager for your money by choosing one that is likely to last for a long time and withstand the occasional bump or fall from a low height. Additionally, you may compare rates that different service providers charge for monthly numeric-message service and then purchase your pager from the service provider with the best rates.

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