How Do I Choose the Best Nose Hair Scissors?

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Choosing the best nose hair scissors is largely a matter of taking safety precautions to avoid accidental cuts inside the nose and the transmission of germs. Do not use a regular pair of small scissors to trim nose hair, because these may be carrying germs from previous uses, or they may simply be too pointy to be using near the face, especially near the delicate nostril skin. It is important to use only nose hair scissors with blunted or rounded tips to avoid nicking and cutting the delicate skin on the inside of the nostrils. Cuts inside the nose are likely to be painful and cause a relatively large amount of bleeding for their size.

The best nose hair scissors should be very easy to clean and disinfect between uses. The metal of the blades should be sharp and smooth, with no grooves or nicks that might carry germs or scratch the inside of the nose, as this is another way for germs to get into the body. Many high-quality pairs of nose hair scissors include materials and tips for keeping the scissors clean between uses.


Another matter of safety concerns how easy or difficult it is to grip the scissors properly. If the finger holes are too small or the scissors themselves are too large or small for your hands, you may have difficulty holding the scissors steady. Additionally, fine manipulations of the scissors will be more difficult, and you may risk poking the inside of the nostril. Test out a pair of nose hair scissors before buying them by making sure your fingers fit properly into the holes or grips and you are able to control them easily.

Some nose hair scissors have curved blades that make it easier to angle the tips of the blades up into the nostril while holding the scissors steady. Despite this, many manufacturers of nose hair trimmers and scissors advise against actually placing the scissors up into the nose. Depending on how you are most comfortable trimming these hairs, you may choose to purchase scissors with straight blades for trimming around the edges of the nostrils or curved blades for trimming slightly up into the nose. Either way, take care not to trim the hairs too deeply, as it could both be potentially dangerous if you stick the scissors up too far or remove the nose hairs that serve an important function for your body.


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Post 3

Cosmetic scissors, like the ones used to trim eyebrows work well for nose hair as well.

Post 2

@ysmina-- Hair scissors are extremely small and the blades are short and flat at the end to avoid poking.

They are actually sold as trimming scissors and sometimes can be found in men's facial care kits. If the blades are long and the edge is pointy, that's not appropriate to use for nose hair removal.

Post 1
I used the smallest scissors I have at home to cut nose hair and accidentally cut the side of my nose. How small are nose hair scissors supposed to be exactly?

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