How do I Choose the Best Non-Prescription Sleeping Pills?

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When choosing non-prescription sleeping pills there are several factors to consider, including the company who manufactures the pills, the ingredients used in production, and the advice of a doctor or pharmacist. Many people are turning to this type of medication to avoid the foggy, disconnected feeling many prescription pills create, as well as to avoid a dependence on prescription drugs. Experts believe society has promoted such a stressful lifestyle that many people are unable to relax enough to gain healthful rest. Changes in habits, along with mild sleeping pills, may be enough to solve the problem for some insomnia sufferers. There are several types of sleeping pills on the market, and many people try several before finding the correct product for their needs.

Before choosing any non-prescription sleeping pills, it is important to consider the company producing the product. There are many companies making these types of pills who may not be taking the necessary actions to produce a safe product. It is strongly suggested that potential purchasers research information about the pharmaceutical companies offering over-the-counter sleeping pills. Consumers can review previous users' comments in online forums, consult a local or regional consumer watchdog organization, such as the Better Business Bureau, or visit the companies' websites to gain more information.


Another consideration when choosing non-prescription sleeping pills pertains to the ingredient list. Most medical professionals agree that it is always important to know what ingredients are being consumed both for safety and an understanding of the expected results. Many people seek only all natural medications and sleep aids, and others are comfortable with synthetic products. This distinction is a matter of preference for the consumer, and any reputable product should have an ingredient list on the packaging as well as offer information on the active ingredients for the consumer's benefit. If the person is not familiar with an ingredient or chemical in the sleeping pills, he or she is encouraged to learn more about it online.

It is always advisable for a person to seek medical advice before taking any kind of supplement or over-the-counter product to ensure there are no drug interactions or potential side effects likely to affect the patient. In addition to this consideration, physicians can give advice about which effective, non-prescription sleeping pills he or she recommends. Most doctors, as well as pharmacists, are knowledgeable about over-the-counter products and can suggest safe and effective options for their patients.


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@raynbow- Try drinking a glass of warm milk before going to bed. There are natural chemicals in milk that are released when it is heated, and they induce relaxation and sleep.

Post 2

@raynbow- some allergy medications will help you sleep and come in liquid form. They are pretty safe to take, but check with your doctor first to get his or her approval and the correct dosage.

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I need a little extra help to sleep, but would rather not take any types of sleeping pills. Does anyone have any other suggestions for getting a good night's sleep without a prescription?

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