How Do I Choose the Best Newtonian Telescope?

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Invented by Sir Isaac Newton, a Newtonian telescope is a type of telescope that allows star gazers to look at star installations, planets and other items in space from Earth. Some of the primary characteristics you want to look for when shopping for and choosing a Newtonian telescope is the price tag, the distance the telescope allows you to see, if the lenses are changeable to change the distance you can see and the size of the telescope itself.

Newtonian telescopes can range in price from a couple hundred US Dollars to close to thousands of dollars. Prices vary according to various features. Some of the features that affect the price include how far the telescope allows you to see, the changeability of the lenses, which enable you to change the view you see as you look through the telescope. If astronomy is a hobby, then you may wish to choose a less expensive version of the Newtonian telescope. If you are an avid astronomer, then you may be willing to pay a higher price to obtain a Newtonian telescope with more features.


Some of the Newtonian telescopes allow you to see a further distance than others. Again, if you are simply a hobbyist that wishes to check out the night sky here and there or catch an installation or planet when it is closest to Earth, then you may be able to accomplish this without spending thousands of dollars. If, however, you want to be able to see deeper into space and view the planets no matter how close they are to Earth at various times of the year, then you may opt for a more advanced and more expensive version of the Newtonian telescope.

The other option is to choose a Newtonian telescope that allows you to change out the telescope lenses. Being able to change the lenses allows you to change the width and distance of the view you can see when you look through the Newtonian telescope. Again, these telescopes land on the higher end of the price scale because it allows you more flexibility.

Finally, you should consider the size of the telescope. Most Newtonian telescopes fold up and can even be stored and carried in cases. If you intend on hauling your telescope around to various locations, you may wish to buy a smaller or lighter version. If you plan to set up and keep your telescope in one place, then the size and weight of the telescope may not be as important of an issue.


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