How Do I Choose the Best New Scaffolding?

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The first step in choosing the best new scaffolding is determining how you intend to use it as well as how often you will be setting up and tearing down the piping. This will have an impact on what components you will need as well as how many of each component will be necessary to complete your tasks. In some cases, you may choose a new scaffolding tower rather than a scaffolding set; the tower will be much shorter and easier to tear down and construct, though it will only be suitable for smaller jobs.

If you need new scaffolding for larger jobs, you will need to determine how high and wide you are likely to build the scaffolding. This will determine how many of each component you will need. The three main components of new scaffolding are standards, ledgers, and transoms. You will need many of each component for larger structures. Standards are vertical pipes that are connected with couplers to give the structure its height; ledgers are horizontal braces that steady the structure and give it width. Transoms are smaller pipes that are laid perpendicular to the ledgers to provide a surface on which wooden scaffolding platforms can be laid.


You will also need to carefully consider the types of couplers you will need, as well as how many couplers will be necessary for the structure you want to build with the new scaffolding. Couplers are joints that connect pipes together; some couplers are designed for specific purposes, such as connecting standards and ledgers. Others, such as swivel couplers, can be used for a variety of purposes; they can be positioned to allow various angles and crosses among the types of piping.

Think, too, about accessories you will need included with the new scaffolding. Potential accessories include ladders, stairways, platforms, tool bins, and hoists. Ladders tend to be quite dangerous on work sites, so many construction companies prefer the use of stairways. The drawback to stairways, however, is the amount of space they are likely to take up in the overall structure. Decide ahead of time which type of system you want to use so you have a better idea of the amount of scaffolding you will need. Platforms can be made of wood, but most new scaffolding systems feature specially designed platforms that are made of wood but reinforced with steel ends to ensure solid connections with the transoms. Consider such platforms for added stability and safety.


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