How Do I Choose the Best New Product Development Books?

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New product development books provide instruction and information on the creation of new goods and bringing them to market. Many different types of these books are available in most markets, giving rise to which book may be best in providing certain information. Choosing the best new product development books includes a review of the authors or publisher of the book, a look at the methods the book describes to see if they work with a company’s current process, and a comparison among other leading books on the market. In some cases, there may be more than one book that is sufficient for a company’s needs. Here, a company needs to select the one it believes to be the best among several.

The authors of business books are always important to review regardless of the content sought in the material. Some new product development books may include authors from academia who have no practical experience. While good information can be in these book types, the authors may only be working off of theory rather than practical application. Other books include authors who are experienced owners, executives, and managers, all who have practical experience in new product development. These books tend to have different approaches to the new product development process when compared to academia-written articles.


Methods described in new product development books are also something that needs review when selecting these books. A company may be unable to adjust operations to the product development structure described in the book. This can result in lost time as the company is unable to actually use the material in practice after individuals read and review the product development methods. A review of several book types can help a company find a book that includes development processes that best match current business operations. Companies looking to overhaul their operations may need to select books describing the desired methods they want to use in the future.

Finally, an individual should review several books that he or she considers to be the best out of all the new product development books. This final review allows for one last look into the potential activities a company can implement into the business. This review may also result in the discovery of improper or bad information. For example, one author may make a suggestion that several other authors do not agree with; this helps an individual learn more about new product development. Selecting more than one book may be necessary if new product development processes will include multiple products or activities as described in the books.


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