How do I Choose the Best New Novel?

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Authors are brands in the sense that each pen or real name signifies a certain genre and style of writing. In this way, the reader can expect similarities with each new novel. There are several considerations to make when you're trying to choose a new novel by an author whose work you haven't read before. The story synopsis on the book cover reveals the basics about the plot and the main character. All novels involve a main character or characters trying to solve a problem or get something they want, so if the synopsis appeals to you, you may enjoy reading that particular novel.

Read the first few paragraphs of the novel you're considering buying. If you don't like what you read on the first page, chances are that you won't find it to be the best novel for you. Granted, the novel could certainly get better farther into the book, but in most cases, novels that are considered "good reads" capture the reader's interest from the first sentence. Reading the first few paragraphs of a new novel you're considering purchasing is also a good method if you're choosing a genre that you don't usually read. For instance, if a romance novel is your usual read, and you want to try a western, this may not be the best idea if you don't like the first few paragraphs.


The best way to handle selecting a new novel in an unfamiliar genre may be to ask for a recommendation by readers familiar with it. You may even ask to borrow a book from a friend or relative to see if you like the genre and want to continue reading novels in it. Remember to always return any books you borrow. Perhaps you could also lend your friend or relative one of your favorite novels in exchange for borrowing a book from him or her.

If you're a novelist trying to choose the best new novel to write, look at your ideas from the perspective of your readers. If you want to venture far from novels you've already written, it may be best to use another pen name so that you don't disappoint or confuse your readers with a drastic change in style. The best new novel for you to write is one in which you feel truly inspired by the story. If you're passionate about your story, your novel will be much easier, as well as more enjoyable, to write.


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Post 4
@cardsfan27 - I agree, and to be honest there are people out there that like to be surprised with reading a book and just want to read it because the title seems interesting.

Although I disagree with this form of choosing it does show how people can completely eliminate the issues in online or literary reviews and simply be able to choose on their own.

The back of the book or the inside may include a small portion of the book that tells what it is about, so if someone is shopping around in a book store they can easily be able to read multiple summaries of books in a short amount of time and be able to decide whether or not they want to read it.

As far as research on a book goes I am really wondering if there are some literary websites out there that only include literary critic's reviews as opposed to just anyone who read the book?

Post 3

@TreeMan - You are correct. Usually the reviews online can be written by anyone that has any reason to like or dislike the book, so one does not need to take a few negative reviews as a reason to not read the book.

Now as far as seeing patterns that is a completely different case as people can look at and read the reviews and see if there is bias as far as in the reviews that might skew the book's online rating.

Let's say hypothetically that there is a political commentator writing a novel. People with opposing viewpoints are automatically going to give the book a low rating and his supporters will give it a high rating, so this greatly

skews the statistics in the reviews.

This is why people need to do research before reading a book and make sure that they know what to expect before reading and realize what may or may not be the cause of criticism written about the book.

Post 2

@stl156 - I really think that as far as new authors go the best way is to simply buy the book and read it in order to decide if it is good or not.

Unfortunately new writers are usually unknown and pretty mysterious and that is the only way that anyone will be able to fully analyze them as an author.

However, if people are patient in buying the book they can simply read reviews of the book online from literary critics and at least figure out what the book is about.

People should always take what reviewers online say with a grain of salt, but they can at least see if the book is popular to particular audiences and what the book is about without giving away vital portions that may spoiler the book for the person interested.

Post 1
In all honesty, I really feel like the best way to figure out if someone wants to find the best novel is to research the author and figure out what their style is.

With new authors this can be very hard because every author has a particular style and the ones, like John Grisham, have written so many mainstream novels that people see similar patterns and themes throughout every story and that is when people are able to predictably write online what to expect from one of their new books before it is released.

These themes are important to look for in figuring out if one wants to buy the book, but to be honest I am really unsure of what to do as far as new authors go and what measures need to be taken in terms of research that will be relevant to the reader.

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