How do I Choose the Best Neti Pot Solution?

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A neti pot is a small teapot or pouring device that some people use for sinus rinsing. Rinsing the sinuses is a great idea if people are suffering significant congestion due to a cold and are prone to sinus infections. Those with allergies may benefit from using neti pot solution in the nose too. There is some argument on which solution is most beneficial.

Many neti pots sold in the pharmacy come with or can be purchased with packages of special mix that is poured into warm water, and thus becomes the neti pot solution. There are a few provisos on using water and these apply no matter what is added to it. The water should be either bottled or tap that has been boiled and then cooled to a warm stake prior to using. Water shouldn’t contain irritants like chlorine, and it shouldn’t be mineral water or any kind of flavored water. When using bottled water, use purified or distilled types. These are the easiest choices, and once this water is opened, it should be refrigerated.


Neti pot solution that is sold in stores can get pricey although it is simply a mix of sodium chloride (table salt) and bicarbonate of soda (baking soda). Most solution mixes will boast of their pureness and lab grade materials. This is fine, and it an absolutely viable option to buy neti pot solution at a nearby pharmacy. However, many doctors feel it is equally viable to make a solution at home from these ingredients (especially when attention to using the right water is paid), and that it will be as effective as any manufactured brand.

The basic recipe for a homemade neti pot solution is to combine eight ounces (.24 liters) of warm water with half a teaspoon of salt and half a teaspoon of baking soda. Some people recommend a smaller amount of salt and no baking soda. Reports on this recipe are mixed. Adding soda can help make the rinse more comfortable, and many people find their nose will sting if they don’t use it. Others don’t care, but it’s really up to the individual to decide what is comfortable. The amount used shouldn’t exceed a half teaspoon for eight ounces of the neti pot solution.

Homemade solutions are certainly less expensive, which may encourage people to rinse more often, but as mentioned, most doctors also approve of the store bought mixes. Adding other ingredients to the neti pot is something advised by some. Yet doctors tend to the feel the simplest solutions are likely to be the best and can effectively relieve symptoms for many.


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Post 4

i live in a foreign country (american citizen) and the air quality is poor here, the #1 problem is respiratory infection. it has been alleviated by my use of the neti-pot. it is easy. I saw several online videos of kids doing it, and i must say when postnasal drip kicks in, i just double the neti-pot use to twice a day instead right before bed. if you are noticing boogers, well you need a neti-pot! if you're scared, check out the three year olds using the squeeze-bottles online. that's what encouraged me to use one (after I saw jessica simpson in india using one at a health spa). it has truly changed my life, stopped my sinus issues and i recommend using it regularly. i am quite healthy and i am quite thankful!

Post 3

My mother-in-law uses a neti wash all the time and swears by it. I'm pretty sure she uses the packets that you just add water to, and it seems to be working wonders.

I'm sure the other solutions work well too, though. It's probably all just personal preference and what works best for each situation.

Post 2

I am currently trying to bring myself to be able to start neti pot use, because I've been told it can greatly help with my allergies.

I have to admit, though, that I'm a bit scared to do it, and I don't really have the money to be buying the ready made mix that you can get at the store. I'm so glad to learn that I can make the solution myself at home, and even happier to hear that adding baking soda can lessen the sting.

With this knowledge, maybe I can get up enough courage to actually be able to do it!

Post 1

While I have never been able to bring myself to use a neti pot -- I have an extreme aversion to having water in my nose -- my husband uses one quite frequently, and it really seems to help him a lot

He uses the packets that you buy in the store and then mix with water, to make the solution for the neti pot.

I'm very glad that I read this article, however, because I know for a fact that he has always used tap water for it, and has never boiled it. I don't think he knew he was supposed to. I'll be sure to let him know!

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