How do I Choose the Best Net Hammock?

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If you want to choose the best net hammock, you may want to look for one with strong netting and spreader bars at each end. It might also be a good idea to find a hammock that is slightly longer than the longest person who will be lying on it. The best net hammock will also have a weight limit that will meet the needs of yourself or those who will be using it. Another thing you should consider before purchasing any type of hammock is whether you have a good place to hang it. If you don't have an ideal spot to hang a hammock, you might want to buy a hammock stand so that you can use your hammock anywhere.

Hammocks made of netting rather than fabric are very popular because they are usually less expensive than fabric hammocks, and they tend to offer good air circulation, which means your clothing isn't as likely to get sweaty when you use your hammock on very hot days. Net hammocks are also normally lightweight and fairly portable, so if you go camping or on any other type of trip you could take your hammock with you. Even though net hammocks are ideal for many reasons, choosing the best one takes some consideration. One of the first things to think about before you buy your net hammock is what the netting is made of.


The average net hammock is made of either cotton or polyester. Cotton is more breathable, but polyester tends to be stronger and superior for withstanding the elements. If you are using your net hammock outdoors in the open, your cotton netting will probably become moldy and dingy over time. After a few years, the cotton may rot through to the point that it isn't safe to use. These problems are usually not relevant with polyester net hammocks. If you only want to use cotton netting, you may have to take your hammock down during the months of the year you're not using it and wash it regularly to prolong the length of time it is usable.

Spreader bars are another thing you should look for if you are planning to purchase a net hammock. The spreader bars are the bars at each end of your hammock that keep the hammock from raveling up on itself. Buying a hammock without these bars may be less expensive, but your hammock may ravel up to the point that you can't untangle it. It's also important to get a hammock that is slightly longer than the tallest person who will be lying down on it. Buying a hammock that is much longer than anyone who will be using it means that it probably won't be as stable, and you may have problems with it turning over.

Most net hammocks come with weight limits, and you should take note of the weight limit just to be sure that no one who may be using it will exceed the limit. If the weight limit on a hammock is exceeded, there is a chance that it will fall, which could lead to injury for whomever might be lying on it. You should also never lie on your net hammock with another person unless the hammock can hold your combined weight. In addition to weight and length, you might also want to think about where you're going to put your hammock. If you don't have an ideal spot to hang your hammock between two trees, you can purchase a portable hammock stand that allows you to move your net hammock around anywhere you want to use it.


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