How do I Choose the Best Natural Psoriasis Treatments?

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Psoriasis is a chronic skin ailment that is typically characterized by red, scaly thick patches on the skin. If you suffer from this skin condition, you might be seeking natural psoriasis treatments rather than wanting to start a medicated regimen. You should try a wide variety of natural psoriasis treatments to find out what works best for your particular condition. These types of natural treatments include vitamins and minerals, lotions and gels, herbal skin applications, daily baths and dietary changes.

One of the most effective natural psoriasis treatments is sunlight. If you work long hours or live in an area that gets limited sunlight, consider taking vitamin D supplements. A daily dose of vitamin E works to reduce skins itching for some people. Fish oil provides omega-3 fatty acids, which can alter immune reactivity. This can help you if you suffer from psoriasis caused by an abnormality in protein and amino acid metabolism.

People who have very dry skin often suffer from psoriasis, so it makes sense to keep your skin moisturized with lotions and oils. If you have experience or are interested in working with natural essential oils, try some oil home remedies for psoriasis. For example, rubbing cashew oil on the affected facial skin area at night time helps some people. Others mix together wheat germ oil, castor oil and sunflower oil to create a skin lotion. During cold seasons, oil typically works to moisturize skin better than regular lotion.


Many people add natural psoriasis treatments to their daily cleansing and beauty routines. Some people apply cabbage leaves compresses to the affected skin areas to relieve itching. Aloe vera gel relieves irritated, red and itchy skin as well. If you suffer from psoriasis on your scalp, you can create a scalp massage mixture out of marigold heads and lemon juice.

Taking daily baths is one of the most simple natural psoriasis treatments. Baths work to calm inflamed skin and remove itchy scales. Lukewarm salt baths, with Epsom salt or Dead Sea salt, should be taken in 15-minute increments every day or every other day. Other psoriasis-relieving bath items include bath oils and colloidal oatmeal. You should avoid bath water that is extremely hot and perfumed soaps, because these can make your condition worse.

You might want to incorporate diet changes as part of your natural psoriasis treatment as well. Some people claim that wheat allergies can trigger this skin condition. Your individual situation might be remedied by simply eliminating alcohol, red meat and fatty foods from your daily diet.


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Post 3

@SarahGen-- Many people use coal tar shampoo and swear by it. Although this treatment can be labeled "natural" it is a by-product of coal, so it's not the healthiest option out there.

Neem shampoo is a good alternative. My sister uses a homeopathic shampoo for her scalp psoriasis. I think it has neem and some other natural herbs. Aloe vera shampoo is another great shampoo that will hydrate the scalp and relieve itching.

Post 2

Can anyone recommend a good, natural shampoo for scalp psoriasis? I tried a few prescription shampoos but they have not helped. I'm looking for a natural treatment.

Post 1

I'd like to warn against bath water with salt. Although lukewarm water with salt can reduce itching, it can also cause burning and irritation if there are cracks in the skin. Since psoriasis causes severe dry skin and since some people scratch their skin to relieve the itch, cracks may form. So I recommend delaying the bath with salt until skin is completely healed without cracks.

Adding oatmeal and natural oils into bath water on the other hand, is a great idea. I do this when my skin is very dry and I can feel the dry patches starting to form. This type of moisturizing bath with all natural ingredients can stop the patches from forming.

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