How Do I Choose the Best Natural Popcorn?

Kristeen Moore

The best natural popcorn is a snack product that does not contain artificial ingredients. The most convenient versions of natural popcorn are available in microwavable packs, and these are widely sold in supermarkets and health food stores. In order to control the types of ingredients used, you might consider purchasing your own whole grain kernels and making the snack at home. It is important to keep in mind that natural popcorn is not necessarily organic, so you will need to read product labels carefully in order to make this determination.

Salt, which is often used to top popcorn.
Salt, which is often used to top popcorn.

Microwave versions are the best forms of natural popcorn if you are looking for a convenient snack that is free of artificial ingredients. This kind of popcorn is also the most versatile because it comes in a variety of flavors, including buttered, unsalted, and lime. Artificial ingredients and preservatives are contained in many food products, including packaged popcorn. Some manufacturers of microwavable popcorn have taken notice of the increasingly popularity of natural products, and have changed the ingredients in the packages that they sell in grocery stores. In order to be certain that a particular brand is truly natural, make sure that you read the product’s ingredients label.

Popcorn is a popular salty snack.
Popcorn is a popular salty snack.

Popping popcorn is a great alternative to microwave versions if you want to make the food at a lesser cost, and if you want to be in control of the natural ingredients used. Popcorn itself is derived from corn kernels, which is a natural type of whole grain. When looking for the best natural popcorn to make at home, beware of more expensive brands that attribute the extra costs to their whole grain factor. Popcorn kernels are widely available in grocery stores, and you can make them in a special maker or on the stove. Add your choice of sea salt, pepper, and organic butter in order to retain the food’s natural qualities.

There is a misconception that natural popcorn is an organic food. Although certain versions of popcorn are organic, the product label must specific that this is the case — a food can still be natural even if it is not grown and processed organically. If you are looking for popcorn that is derived from kernels that are not treated with chemicals, then the best version to choose is an organic one at a health food store. Keep in mind that organic, natural popcorn might be more difficult to locate at a supermarket chain, and it often comes at a higher price. Chemical-free popcorn product labels should also specifically state that the brand is organic; otherwise, it is likely just a regular natural food.

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