How do I Choose the Best Natural Lip Balm?

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The first step in choosing the best natural lip balm is to make sure that what you are buying is really an all-natural product. Many good lip balms will contain natural ingredients such as coconut oil, beeswax, peppermint and Shea butter. There also are certain ingredients you should avoid when searching for the best natural lip balm, such as petroleum jelly, camphor and menthol. If there are no ingredients listed on the lip balm you want to purchase, you can call the manufacturer to find out what they are.

If the balm labeled all-natural contains petroleum jelly, you may want to keep looking for another balm. Petroleum jelly is not typically in genuine all-natural balms because it is considered a synthetic substance. It has a greasy texture and may make a person feel as though their lips have been adequately moisturized after applying, but it could drain the lips of moisture instead. This might increase the number of times you need to apply it, and as a result you'll likely have to replace the balm sooner. Look for a natural lip balm that contains Shea butter, coconut oil, or beeswax rather than petroleum jelly.


Some other ingredients not considered ideal for the best natural lip balm are menthol and camphor. These substances are popular additives because they tend to give lips a tingly, cool feeling. The disadvantage to this effect is that menthol and camphor generally dry out the lips, which means you need to use more lip balm to keep them feeling moist. A good quality natural lip balm can produce the tingly sensation with the use of peppermint oil, which is a natural, non-drying substance.

The best natural lip balm may also be labeled organic, or contain some organic ingredients. Many people are not aware that beauty products, like food, can be organic. When something is labeled 100 percent organic, it was likely produced in the most natural way possible. This means that no chemicals or synthetic ingredients were used in its manufacture. A natural lip balm that contains all, or at least some, organic ingredients may be the best choice if you truly want something natural.

Even if a lip balm is made of all natural ingredients, this does not necessarily mean it will work perfectly for you. It is also possible to have allergic reactions to many natural substances used in lip balm. Occasionally switching brands to try different combinations of ingredients may help you to find the best all natural lip balm.


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Post 3

Did you guys know that some lip balms contain glycerin or petroleum jelly and still label themselves as "natural?" Technically petroleum products are "natural" but it's such a joke!

The FDA needs to pass some laws and clarify what natural means in skin care products.

Post 2

@ZipLine-- You can actually make your own natural and flavored lip balm with beeswax and cocoa butter. These are available raw and they just need to be mixed, melted and put into containers. I also put essential oils in them so they smell great.

Post 1

The organic store that I shop from has their own brand organic lip balm. It's great and also very affordable. It only has two ingredients: shea butter, and beeswax.

I love natural lip balms in general. They really hydrate my lips. Lip balms with petroleum jelly don't do anything. My lips remain dry and cracked with them.

Natural lip balms used to be very expensive, but now there are more people making them and using them, and they're becoming cheaper. It's great!

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