How do I Choose the Best Natural Hair Relaxer?

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The most important element of choosing a natural hair relaxer involves finding a relaxer with natural ingredients. Millions of women use relaxers to make their hair easier to manage and less curly. Relaxers work by chemically straightening natural curls; unfortunately, most relaxers are extremely harsh on the hair and skin and contain ingredients that could potentially be harmful to the body.

Hair relaxers often contain extremely strong chemicals, but more manufacturing companies are creating hair relaxers that have natural ingredients. A natural relaxer doesn’t have the harsh chemicals and ingredients that stronger relaxers contain. The natural relaxers are considered to be safer.

Individuals who are interested in using a natural hair relaxer should avoid relaxers that contain the ingredient sodium hydroxide. This is the primary chemical ingredient used in many relaxers and is commonly referred to as lye. Self-relaxing kits will indicate on the packaging or container whether or not sodium hydroxide is a main ingredient.

Some natural hair relaxers are made entirely of herbs. Many of these natural hair relaxers contain a natural blend of exotic herbs mixed with clay and hot water. It's essential to remember that even a natural relaxer is alkaline to a certain degree. This means that after the relaxer is applied, it is critical that the individual shampoo his or her hair immediately. If the hair is not shampooed immediately, damage or irritation to the hair shaft, cuticle, and scalp can occur.


The hair can benefit greatly when an individual chooses a natural hair relaxer. Relaxers not made of natural ingredients can cause the hair to become significantly weaker, which can lead to breakage, brittleness, dryness, and in severe cases, baldness. Individuals who are interested in enjoying beautiful and healthy hair should avoid relaxers that have the potential to have a damaging effect.

There are several places where individuals can go to get their hair relaxed. Commonly, individuals who want to have their hair relaxed go to professional cosmetologists. However, people can also purchase self-relaxing kits from pharmacies and other stores.

Of course, people do not necessarily have to relax their hair to loosen their curl pattern. There are numerous professional hair styling tools specifically created to straighten naturally curly hair. Unfortunately, hairstyling tools have drawbacks as well. For example, possible heat damage can occur from tools used incorrectly. Applying a natural hair relaxer is far better option for some.


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Post 3
@ysmina, @turquoise-- I see what you ladies mean, but I think that the best natural hair product is not one that doesn't have any chemicals. It's one that also has moisturizing ingredients to prevent hair damage. My favorite natural hair relaxer has argan oil. It's the mildest and least irritating relaxer I have used.
Post 2

@ysmina-- That's a good question. I agree with you that many brands use the term "natural" on their labels but the product is far from natural.

I don't think that there is a natural hair relaxer, with emphasis on the word "relaxer." A relaxer straightens hair permanently and there is no natural ingredient that can do that.

There are all natural products which can loosen curls with the use of natural oils and creams. But they're not relaxers, even if they claim to be.

So if someone wants a true relaxer that will permanent make hair straight, a chemical relaxer has to be used. If someone just wants to loosen up some curls and condition hair in the process, an all natural "relaxer" made of shea butter, olive oil or coconut oil can be used.

Post 1

Is there really a natural hair relaxer?

I used a no-lye hair relaxer last month. The label said "all natural hair relaxer." It didn't have lye, but it had another chemical in it and it actually damaged my hair. My hair is very dry and brittle now.

I think that many hair brands put out the word "natural" to sell their product but it's not true.

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