How Do I Choose the Best Natural Bronzer?

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A natural bronzer is used to create a suntan-like glow, and it is a popular alternative to tanning creams. Unlike conventional bronzers, natural versions often contain plant-based ingredients, and some of the manufacturers advertise the products as being safer for the skin. Some brands even contain organic ingredients, but you should read product labels carefully in order to determine whether the bronzers contain quality features. Bronzing makeup is increasing in popularity because of its easy application, but you still have the option of natural lotions that have longer-lasting effects. Keep in mind that many types of natural bronzers do not contain ultraviolet ray protection, so you might need to apply a sunscreen before use.

Bronzers differ from tanning lotions in that they provide natural-looking color that lasts temporarily. Many types of self-tanning products require several consecutive applications that result in darkened skin. Bronzers, on the other hand, are used to create a more subtle glow that usually washes off the same day.

Natural makeup and skincare products do not contain the chemicals and synthetic materials that conventional versions do. While traditional bronzers often utilize dihydroxyacetone, natural types instead use other ingredients, such as caramel, to darken the skin. A particular natural bronzer might also feature plant extracts as well as vitamin E to help to soften the skin. When trying to identify a natural bronzer, you should make sure that a particular brand in question does not contain gluten, parabens, or talc.


Organic bronzers are often classified in the same category, but they are a step up from natural products in terms of having purportedly safer features. Like organic foods, these types of cosmetics and skincare products are made from ingredients that are not harvested with any chemical-based materials. A natural bronzer and an organic kind might both be derived from plants, but the main difference is that the former type might contain features that were still originally harvested with chemicals. There may not be any significant differences in the application between the two, but, if you want a truly chemical-free bronzer, then you should consider an organic version.

Aside from a product’s ingredients, you will also need to determine whether you want a powder or liquid natural bronzer. Powders are preferable for individuals with combination and oily skin, while liquids tend to work better if you have dry pores. If you want longer-lasting results, however, you might consider using a liquid bronzer.

Although natural bronzers are meant to give you the appearance of having a subtle tan, this does not mean that all of these products offer sun protection. Some types of liquid bronzers contain an SPF, while powder kinds generally offer no ultraviolet ray protection whatsoever. When in doubt, it is best to use a sunscreen before applying a natural bronzer.


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