How Do I Choose the Best Nail Gun Kit?

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A nail gun is a particularly useful tool for a variety of tasks. They not only save time, but labor as well. Owing to the fact that are literally dozens of different combinations made possible by different sizes, power sources, and purposes, choosing a nail gun requires a bit of knowledge or research. Those who have just begun to build their tool collection may want to consider a nail gun kit or combo package.

Nail guns can be powered by electricity, battery, or compressed power, such as an air compressor or even propane. Compression nail guns offer the most power and are best for heavy-duty tasks, but are also appropriate for light to medium-duty jobs. Electric and battery-powered nail guns are suitable for light to medium-duty tasks, but each have their own set of pros and cons. When purchasing a nail gun kit, they often include the power source – air compressor, battery and charger, etc. The exception of course is the electric variety, in which case all that’s needed is an extension cord.


A nail gun kit is a great option for someone who has no similarly powered tools. If you already own an air compressor, you may want to forgo a nail gun kit and opt for just the tool. Depending on the purpose for purchasing a nail gun in the first place, you may also opt for a different power source. For instance, an air compressor and hose may be too cumbersome for small interior trim projects where a battery-powered gun will suffice.

Choosing a nail gun kit will depend largely on whether the actual nail gun meets your needs. There are nail guns for trim, roofing, framing, and so on. Size does matter, as does power. Once you’ve determined the type of nail gun you need, you can compare product specifications and prices of nail gun kits. In some cases, a combination package may be a better deal than just the tool, but be sure to look ahead and compare prices of replacement batteries, hoses, attachments, etc. for the tool included in the package.

The best way to select the best nail gun kit is to actually compare the included nail gun with similar models and then price out the included accessories separately. If you need the accessories included in the kit and the price is less than buying everything individually, and the gun will meet your needs and adequately perform the task, then a kit or package deal is indeed the best buy.


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Post 2

@raynbow- Thanks for the tip! It's a very good one, because warranties are valuable when it comes to protecting your purchase and your investment.

I bought an electric nail gun kit several years ago, and began to have problems with the electrical mechanism on it shortly after I began using it. There was no concerns, because my warranty took care of the problem quickly and effectively.

Post 1

I think that another important point to consider when buying a nail gun kit is the type of warranty that is offered along with it. Some stores offer basic warranties while the company that manufactured the item kicks in an additional warranty for a marginal cost. These warranties can be significant and provide years of peace of mind for the protection they provide on the tool.

Nail gun kits usually have warranties at the time of purchase, though the time available may vary from company to company. This is why when shopping for this type of tool, a consumer should include checking the available warranty along with available nail gun kit prices and features.

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