How do I Choose the Best Nail Art Printer?

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When choosing a nail art printer, the two things to consider are the number of functions that the printer can complete and the price of the machine. In both cases, there is a wide range, especially between products that are meant for home use and the advanced printers that are meant for use in salons.

One of the best ways for people who do not work in the beauty industry to test out nail art printers is to use them at salons. A woman thinking about purchasing one for her home may go to the salons in her town that have a printers and pay for manicures that involve the use of the machine. In this way, she could study the different functions of the machines, noting the make and model each time, and also test the quality of the resulting manicure by noting how well the printed design holds up over the course of a few days or even a few weeks.

For salon owners, it should be a bit easier to choose a printer. Time spent in the industry will expose them to different machines and will give them inside information about which ones are the best to use in salons. A salon owner can also attend a conference or trade show in which there are displays of different kinds of nail art technology. This would also offer a great deal more information about which model would be best for her salon.


Another big consideration is price. While a nail art printer designed for home use might cost a few hundred US dollars, one designed for professional use within a salon can easily cost $1,000 USD or more. In some cases, it may be possible to purchase a used or refurbished device for use in a salon or in a private home. There are often sales on used printers on large online auction sites. This sometimes makes it possible for a person to purchase a salon-quality machine for use in her home.


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Not much of an answer to the question. Telling someone to research their purchase ahead of time is redundant - that's why they wrote with the question in the first place - to research the topic.

To truly address the question, it would be nice to know what to look for in the way of features, specifications, functionality. Does it really matter if the unit prints one finger, four fingers, or five fingers at a time? Is it worth the extra expense to buy a machine with a computer built in or do the ones with only a printer (computer to be supplied by the buyer) work as claimed?

Do machines that print toenails work and is it worth the extra expense

? Do salons use the toenail printing function or is it something that is seldom utilized? Does it matter where the unit is made (USA, China, Great Briton) or is service not an issue? Can you make money with such a device and if so, how?

I could go on and on, but you the idea.

Finally, as a disclaimer, I am the owner of a company the produces a USA made nail printer system. I am not addressing the answers to those and other questions because I would be perceived as biased with my responses.

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