How do I Choose the Best Nail Art Glitter?

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Choosing the best nail art glitter means choosing an option that creates the desired aesthetic effect. There are some glitters that come in a loose form and others that come in the form of a polish. These two options offer different methods of applying the glitter to the nails, so this must be considered as well. In terms of choosing a nail art glitter that will create the right aesthetic effect, the first considerations are the color and size of the glitter. Nail art glitter comes in just about every color under the sun. Also consider that the grains of the glitter come in varying sizes and shapes.

In some cases, it might not be difficult to choose between the nail art glitter color options. Especially when it comes to nail art glitter in loose form, it is common for numerous colors to be sold together in packages. Liquid polish that is full of glitter, on the other hand, is usually sold in individual bottles except for the cases in which it is sold in groups of three or four bottles as a gift set or in miniature form for travel. Once the desired color has been chosen, it is time to consider the size and shape of the glitter. Color is an important consideration whether the nail art glitter will be used alone with clear polish or on top of a base coat of color.


The most common kinds of nail art glitter have pieces that are round or square. Furthermore, there is variation in the sizes of the granules, with some kinds of glitter that are so fine they are almost like dust and other kinds where each individual piece of glitter is clearly visible to the naked eye. There are other kinds, however, that include shapes such as hearts, stars, and even shamrocks. Also, there are shapes of nail art glitter that are long and thin so that, when it is is applied to the nails, it looks like falling streamers or confetti.

People who are just beginning to incorporate nail art glitter into their manicures and pedicures might want to purchase an entire package of nail art supplies. This will include glitter, nail art polish, and probably a few other items such as decals and rhinestones. These kits often include information about how to use each product with diagrams and designs to try out.


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