How Do I Choose the Best Mustache Shape?

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To choose a mustache shape that is flattering, consider a few essential factors. The shape of your face, as well as your most prominent facial features can help determine which mustache shape is best suited for you. If your nose is your most prominent facial feature, consider a mustache that is not sparse or thin, as a big mustache might look best on you. If the shape of your face is round and full, you might want to grow an accompanying goatee with your mustache rather than a full beard.

Your hair stylist or barber might be able to recommend the most appropriate mustache shape to suit your face. In some cases, a hair stylist may also have a book with photos of various types of beards and mustaches. Looking at photos may help you determine which mustache shape might work best for you. Faces that are oval, round, square, or pear-shaped may be shown is the photos. Determine the shape of your face so you may get an idea of which style and shape of mustache will work best for you.

Assuming your face is narrow and thin, you should avoid growing a very thick mustache. Keep your mustache trim, although it does not necessarily have to be sparse or very thin. If your facial hair lacks density, a thin mustache is a good option as well.

If you have a very small or turned up nose, your mustache shape should not be extremely thick or curved. Try growing a mustache that is fairly thin and straight and avoid handlebar styles. A handlebar mustache would be more flattering to a person with more prominent features.

For a man who is losing his hair or who shaves his head, the style of his mustache can be flattering or overcompensating. A man with sparse facial hair and a bald or shaved head might not be able to achieve success in growing a flattering mustache. Conversely, a mustache that is thick or curved might look best on those with a receding hairline.

One of the most effective ways of determining which style of mustache is right for you is trial and error. In some cases, experimentation is the only way to determine which shape mustache is best. Try several styles based on suggestions from friends and experts.

Whichever style of mustache your choose, good grooming is essential to maintaining an attractive appearance. Keep your new mustache and beard neatly trimmed and clean at all times. Invest in mustache scissors and comb or a grooming set, as well as some mustache wax if necessary.

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Post 3

@Iluviaporos - On the other hand, I think it's up to friends to make sure that people know when they should definitely not be growing facial hair. I mean, there are some people who just look awful when they grow the wrong kind of mustache or goatee styles and don't realize it.

It's a personal choice and I would try not to base my judgment on a person's looks anyway, but I'd also be honest right away if I thought they were making a mistake.

Post 2

@KoiwiGal - I would wait a few weeks before I ask them, and not just so that the hair has time to grow in. I almost never like new facial hair styles the first time I see them on someone I know, because they change the face so much. Usually, if you're my friend, I will genuinely think you're an attractive person because I have pleasant memories associated with you and I like your personality.

If that attractive person suddenly changes their appearance radically it's like having to get used to a whole new person. Even if the new mustache makes you look like the most attractive person ever, it makes you look like a stranger as well, so I'm probably not going to like it until I get used to it.

That might just be me, but I've noticed quite a few people can be like that about hair styles as well.

Post 1

Ask your friends about it and really urge them to be honest. The best way to do this is to not get offended if they don't like it. Mustache styles are so individual, it can really help to get the advice of someone who knows you well and will know if your face and personality fit the 'stache.

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