How Do I Choose the Best Mushroom Marinade?

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There are a variety of ways to marinate mushrooms, so choosing the best mushroom marinade will depend on what the mushrooms will be used for and what type of marinade is desired. Two methods include classical cold marinades that involve placing the mushrooms in a liquid for hours, and hot marinades that cook the mushrooms in the liquid. Mushrooms that are going to be grilled might need a stronger marinade than those that are baked. Some mushrooms have a very subtle taste and will immediately assume the character of the marinade, while other mushrooms have a distinct taste of their own that needs to be considered. The best mushroom marinade will produce a meal in which the flavor of the original marinade has been integrated with the mushroom in a way that is neither too harsh nor too subtle.

If the mushrooms are going to be used in a salad or some other dish without being cooked, then a good mushroom marinade should not be too strong. It should, instead, very closely resemble a salad dressing in that it could be eaten and not overpower the food it is dressing. Using a marinade that is intended to be use on cooked mushrooms as a marinade for uncooked mushrooms will create a dish that is overly strong with undeveloped, raw flavors.


It sometimes can help to boil the mushrooms in water before placing them into a marinade. This is because the mushrooms will better absorb the flavors of the marinade if they are warm. Certain types, such as white button mushrooms, can benefit greatly from being boiled for a few minutes before being placed in a marinade.

The best marinade for a mushroom that is going to be used as a side dish could be one that is cooked. These marinades contain ingredients such as vinegar, oil, garlic and spices such as oregano. The idea is to cook the mushroom marinade in the pan along with the mushrooms for a period of 20 to 30 minutes. This can help to mellow any sharp flavors — like vinegar — while also quickly tenderizing the mushrooms. The entire mixture should then be chilled or allowed to come to room temperature before serving.

A mushroom marinade for the grill is usually much stronger in flavor than others. The mushrooms used also can be more flavorful, such as Portobello mushrooms. When grilling, ingredients in the marinades can include steak sauce, hot sauce and even barbecue sauce. The flame from the grill will help to brown the marinade and soften the mushroom. Many people find that grilled mushrooms made with a marinade can be a suitable accompaniment to even the heaviest grilled meats.


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